Fashion tips with Haili Z: Custo Barcelona fall 2013 runway recap

By Haili Z
May 16, 2013 at 12:16 a.m.

Custo Barcelona Fall 2013 Runway Show

Custo Barcelona Fall 2013 Runway Show

Custo Barcelona showcased the new trends for transitioning from summer into fall. Among one of the big trends sweeping the fashion work from New York Fashion Week were trendy backpacks to add on as a summer accessory.

Totes are most commonly used for the beach and for jet sets, but trendy backpacks are quickly replacing the norm. Studded backpacks with fabulous patterns and embellished with studs were among the top items on my list from the runway in New York at the show.

Custo Barcelona broke common ground by presenting integrative designs on the apparel and backpacks that expressed structured creativity on the new collection.

Backpacks are among the must-haves of the summer, and the backpacks from the fall 2013 collection are a must-have and something to base your search on for inspiration in finding one for the summer.

Backpacks are great to have for summer travels, jet sets and as an accessory. Custo Barcelona also showed off the back in the dresses from the fall collection adding a feminine touch.

Stores are already picking up on the trend this summer and are readily available for a quick and reasonable buy at H&M and Nordstrom and readily available to shop online. Look for the trend in area Victoria boutiques to mix and match with dresses and tanks and shorts ensembles. Enjoy your new summer accessories.

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