Shame on those who damaged area garden

May 19, 2013 at 12:19 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Many of the readers are familiar with the term Master Gardeners. Many know what we do and have been out to our Victoria Educational Gardens at the airport, right across from the tower at the very back of the airport.

These gardens were put in by the Master Gardeners for the purpose of educating interested visitors. There were a lot of man-hours put in and a lot of money spent to make our gardens so beautiful. We are all Master Gardeners because we want to work together to create a garden for anyone that wants to come out and see and enjoy it. We have a lot of school tours, and the children are thrilled to see the wonders of nature in our gardens. Many see how their vegetables are grown for the first time. They are impressed with all the flowers. They loved the beautiful, bright-colored koi in the ponds.

You will note I said "loved" in the sentence above. The reason why is that someone came into our beautiful, peaceful gardens and maliciously poured something into our ponds and killed our fish. There have also been other malicious attacks on some of our memorial benches, which were broken. We have had huge rocks that were on the sides of our ponds put into the ponds. There have been more attacks on our gardens.

Many of the things in our gardens were given in memory of loved ones. Our garden is not government funded. No tax dollars are used. The moneys spent were raised by the Master Gardeners or were donated by friends or family.

Those of you who know me, know that very little bothers me. This act of just plain, destructive meanness bothers me. What kind of person destroys beauty just for the sake of doing so? Shame on you!

Jean M. Wofford, Victoria



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