Crossroads school districts adjusting to end of CSCOPE lesson plans

Carolina Astrain By Carolina Astrain

May 20, 2013 at 12:20 a.m.

At least two area school districts will change some part of their curriculum management.

Bloomington school district will develop its own lesson plans to meet the state standards using CSCOPE's framework, which includes instructional focus documents, vertical alignment and TEKS, or the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, verification matrix.

In Bloomington, instructors follow CSCOPE's lesson plans. School officials will work to develop their own lesson plans using CSCOPE's framework items for the next year, said BISD Superintendent Delores Warnell.

"Since the lesson plans are being taken away, we're going to be using the parts that are still allowed to be used," Warnell said. "We'll maintain the rigor and relevance required to meet the TEKS."

While its teachers are not mandated to use the lesson plans, some of the first-year teachers at the Victoria school district are recommended to do so by their campus principals, said Robert Jaklich, VISD superintendent.

With the eradication of the CSCOPE lesson plan system, Jaklich said each first-year teacher will be paired with a highly-trained teacher to help them develop their own lesson plans.

"The sky is not going to be falling down at VISD," Jaklich said. "We'll still be using the CSCOPE framework to meet the TEKS."

The Calhoun school district has never used CSCOPE lesson plans as part of its instruction, said CISD superintendent Billy Wiggins.

"We develop our own curriculum using the TEKS," Wiggins said. "Calhoun County schools won't be affected by the change."



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