BOWLING: Lefty breaks 700 in Red River league

May 22, 2013 at 12:22 a.m.

Jamar Bryant ended this year's Red River League fall season with a bang.

The left-handed bowler bowled three games without an open on his way to the weekly honors with a big 716 series.

Bryant posted games of 233, 237 and 246 for his total and helped his team into a third place showing for the fourth quarter.

Competing in the same league, T.J. Mooney also broke the 700 mark with three clean games of 215, 224 and 266 for a 705 series.

Other great scores for the men were Dave Matthews (249-699), Justin Tweedle (255-698), Jon Parratt (246-698), Sterling Kocian (244-679), Mike Osterson (266-666), Jacob Silgero (665), Steve Zeplin (255-664), Glenn Mason (661), Victor Thomas (661), Jerry Cano (650) and Mike Wortham (256-247).

Christine Speer also ended this year's fall league play with a great series in Sugar & Spice League play.

She dialed up individual games of 226, 182 and a great set-ending 247 game to post a 655 series.

Lynda Mikulec, bowling in the same league, ended with a 234 individual high game and 612 set.

Another nice score was Trudy Wortham's 212-598.

With the fall season coming to an end for the majority of the leagues in one week, now is the time to think about staying competitive over the summer.

Century Lanes has summer league schedule flyers at the front desk. If you do not want to join a league during the summer, the No-Tap Jackpot Doubles is scheduled to start June 5. Sign up time is 6 p.m.

For more information, call Century Lanes at 361-576-1166.

The Woodlawn lanes will have a meeting for the start of the Wednesday Duo on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Woodlawn. The league is tentatively scheduled to start June 5.

Contact Robert Pfeil at 361-582-0921 for more information.

In memoriam

It is with sorrow that I make note of another area bowler having passed away.

Paul Salinas bowled for many years in area leagues and was a Victoria Men's Bowling Association director in the 1990s. He was also a league secretary of the Over The Hill League for several years.

An avid sportsman, Paul also played and managed softball teams in the area. As a softball manager and team captain for his bowling team, he loved to play what he felt were winning percentages.

His stories of past baseball games and league championships will be missed.

My condolence and sympathy go out to his family.

WILD TURKEY League Champions, CREEK RATS with members Nazz DeLaGarza, Gary McClain, Linda Cooper, and Dennis Lovell. Women: D. Kohl 489; Men: K. Blake 223-554; G. McClain 231-549; RED RIVER League Champions, RANDY' RAIDERS with members, Abel Garcia, Randy Vivero, Darren Blohm, Kenny Schupbach, Dandy Richards, Ramsey Martinez, Robert Gonzales, and John Figueroa. Men: J. Bryant 246-716; T.J. Mooney 266-705; D. Matthews 249-699; M. Osterson 266-666; G. Mason 234-661; V. Thomas 234-661; M. Wortham 247-641; M. Stacy 636; J. Tweedle 236-615; L. Caballero 234-603; S. Zeplin 601; D. Marques 601; J. Wittenburg 599; T. Pfuhl 591; K. Schupbach 588; T. Bennett 224-582; J. Guerra 571; L. Stroud 570; D. Richards 563; C. Hoff 559; A. Suarez 551; MONDAY MIXED League Champions, HANG THIS with members Korey Bryan, Scott Snow, Sterling Kocian, and Steve Dickinson. Women: C. Speer 210-573; P. Bellanger 547; N. Mergele 546; A. Lane 525; Men: S. Kocian 244-679; J. Silgero 237-665; H. Bellanger Jr. 629; D. Dye 242-617; R. Bassano 593; T. Wash 590; B. Mooney 245-589; S. Dickinson 579; J. Mayer 560; D. Padgett 557; B. Redding 553; M. Redding 552; SUGAR & SPICE League Champions, HERE 4 THE BEER Women: C. Speer 247-655; L. Mikulec 234-612; T. Wortham 212-598; C. Lee 213-565; B. Koebrick 212-560; O. Jackson 543; R. Wortham 220-537; B. Wittenburg 531; Men: J. Parratt 246-698; J. Tweedle 255-698; S. Zeplin 255-664; J. Cano 242-650; R. Gonzales 647; T.J. Mooney 236-645; M. Wortham 256-636; J. Silgero 224-624; T. Bennett 241-620; M. Rodriguez 246-618; M. Hernandez 612; M. Osterson 609; D. Richards 236-607; D. Flores 579; K. Stacy 234-579; L. Hall 577; C. Kurtz 576; J. wittenburg 233-575; P. Smith 573; A. Flores 231-568; M. Svatek 568; R. Fisseler 564; R. Vivero 233-562; B. Pontillo 560; R. King 232-556; H. Tesch 555; W. Kern 550; R. Estrada 224; CAPTAIN'S League Champions, GIRLFRIENDS with members Dottie Edison, Linda Burrows, JoAn Brown, Bobbie Mitscherling, and Roxan Salziger. Women: N. Wallace 508; M. Sweeney 495;



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