Social Call: How to survive a wedding weekend

Carolina Astrain By Carolina Astrain

May 22, 2013 at 12:22 a.m.

There's lots of prep to do when considering a wedding.

There's lots of prep to do when considering a wedding.

Wedding season is upon us.

For those of you new to the magical realm of nuptial celebrations, here are some pointers on how to survive the weekend.

Plan ahead

Check out the invitation - is there a dress code or obvious theme planned for the ceremony?

The last wedding I went to was unclear about any sort of theme. All I knew was that it was going to be a night wedding in McAllen. I went with a black halter dress. Probably not the brightest or cheeriest of colors, but I didn't know anyone who was part of the ceremony. I was just somebody's date.

Don't try to steal the spotlight with an over-the-top appearance. Also, the Huffington Post says it's apparently OK to wear white at weddings - maybe that would be acceptable in New York, but the old rules probably still apply in South Texas.

Also, if you're going to a close friend's wedding, encourage them to start a Google Docs or online shared conversation with those who RSVP so you all can coordinate splitting a hotel room if need be.

Be sure to also read the news and get caught up on current events so you'll have some conversation pieces to last you through the night.

Location, location

Know where everything is going down. How far away is your hotel from the church? Is it worth bringing an extra pair of heels with you between the church ceremony and reception, or will you have enough time to reapply makeup and refresh at your hotel on the way there? Also, where is the reception at? If it's by a river, maybe bring some unscented bug spray.

Before, after

If you have enough time to take an extra day off work, do it. Depending on where the wedding is and what your interests are, try to plan some fun activities for yourself and your date to partake in while you're not with the wedding party.

Weddings can be super exhaustive and socially awkward. Forced conversation between strangers or old friends you never thought you'd have to see again can be really stressful.

Find a nearby spa or checkout the area listings at a live music venue to keep yourself entertained. Remember, your own disposition will help you get through the reception with grace.



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