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Riverside Golf Course renovates oldest 9 holes

Keldy  Ortiz

By Keldy Ortiz
May 24, 2013 at 12:24 a.m.

Eliazar Nunez shovels dirt into the back of his vehicle at Riverside Golf Course. The Club is redoing all of the greens on the red side, after doing all the green's on the white nine last year.

Construction at Riverside Golf Course is underway, and the course's oldest nine holes is set to reopen for Labor Day.

The red nine holes, a group of golf holes that was created in the 1950s, is currently being renovated. The expectation is that the completion will be done in September, said Kevin Girt, director of golf operations at the Riverside Golf Course. The red nine is currently closed.

"We're going to end with nine championship caliber greens," said Girt about the completion of the golf course. "Years ago, (people playing at Riverside) told me Riverside Golf Course was one of the top golf courses in Texas. My plan is to get into the top 10 for municipal golf courses in Texas. Once I get into that list, I will shoot for the top five."

Work on the red nine is being done because grass on the course is not the same as the other holes, such as the white and blue holes at Riverside. The blue nine was built in the 1990s.

The total cost for the Riverside Golf Course will be $75,000. The city of Victoria will pay for half while the golf course pays for the other half.

The renovations are part of a two-year project, started in 2012, when the white nine was renovated. Membership costs would not increase because of the renovations being made to the course, Girt said

Don Mahaffey, an independent contractor renovating the golf course, said he has seen differences before doing work at Riverside.

"Their greens were built many years ago. The greens themselves were steep," Mahaffey said. "The new greens will function much better. I fully expect the golf course to improve and be very well-maintained in the future."

Leif Toombs, treasurer of the Riverside Golf Course board, said he is looking forward to seeing the completion of the golf course. Toombs said he is interested in what others playing on the course will think of it.

"When people come down and want to play on a quality golf course at an affordable rate, they will find that Riverside Golf Course greens would be more receptive," he said.

Mickey Daugherty has been playing at Riverside for 40 years and said the course has not been consistent since he started.

"It played pretty short because the grass did not get watered," he said. "With the renovations, the grass will be the same on all three nine-hole courses."

Girt, who started his position in January, said the golf course will be a place to bring family and friends once the renovations are complete.

"The golf course is a huge calling card," he said. "For the people who visit Victoria, for them to have a golf course in the middle of the park - it gives a family a place to go for the day or weekend."



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