Council members' actions lack responsibility

May 24, 2013 at 12:24 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

On May 14, the Victoria City Council met in what should have been a quick and simple meeting to canvass the results of Saturday's election and swear in the new council members. The behavior that ensued minutes into the meeting by several members of our City Council can only be described as deplorable. However, what bothered me more than the immature behavior occurred toward the end of the meeting when council members Soliz, Hagan, Alvarez and Truman knowingly proposed and approved an illegal amendment. The county elections official, George Matthews, explained to the council the rules regarding the specific election laws in question. City Attorney Thomas Gwosdz explained to them after the amendment was proposed that it was illegal and what he would be required by law to do. Despite this, these four individuals voted to approve the amendment with absolutely no regard for the ethical, legal, or financial ramifications of their vote. After the vote, Mr. Gwosdz again reminded them that the amendment was illegal and what the consequences would be and suggested that they retract their votes.

Soliz, Alvarez, Hagan, and Truman were silent. The mayor gave them several opportunities to retract the amendment. Again, quiet. Finally, during citizen comments, they relented. I am appalled that our elected representatives would act in such a careless manner.

As citizens, our vote counts, and in the June 15 runoff election between Councilman Joe Truman and Dr. Andrew Young, we have an opportunity to hold one of these officials accountable for his inexcusable behavior. If you live in Super District 5, I encourage you to make your voice heard with a vote for Dr. Andrew Young.

Cheryl Johnson, Victoria



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