Writer talks about what to do on day with Jesus

May 25, 2013 at 12:25 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

This is in answer to Dorothy Lorfing's question, "What would you do if Jesus came and spent the day with you, especially Sunday - would you go to church?"

No, we wouldn't go to church if Jesus (whose real name is Yeshua, by the way) came for a visit Sunday. It would be very rude to leave a guest alone after He had come for a visit - especially such a special guest.

No, we would stay home and enjoy his company. My daughter and I would prepare a special meal (kosher, of course), and my husband would no doubt engage him in conversation about the Torah - God's Law. What a wonderful opportunity that would be, to talk about the Torah to the one who is the Living Torah!

I'm sure we'd have guests over to see him as well; we have several friends who have been serving him faithfully without ever having seen him face to face. I know they, too, would be thrilled for the opportunity to sit with him in person.

Now, if He came on a Friday evening or Saturday (the Sabbath), I'm sure He would go to services with us. I think He'd enjoy our Sabbath celebrations: singing, dancing, sharing a big meal with our brothers and sisters, reading and studying the Word of God, praying for one and each other. Worshipping the Father - how did He put it? Oh, yes, "In spirit and in truth." Wow! Imagine that: getting to worship in truth with the one who said He IS the truth!

Anyway, the above is written in love, just as I'm sure the original question was asked in love, even if it seems a little misguided.

Remember what the Gentiles will be saying on the Last Day: "Surely our fathers have inherited lies." (Jeremiah 6:19)

In Yeshua's love,

Carolyn Walters, Bloomington



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