Why pay taxes when city doesn't do its job?

May 26, 2013 at 12:26 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Wow, do we live in a great city. The recent election is a joke. The city wants to pay someone $175,000 to check our traffic light system. I checked - the lights are out of sync; where do I collect the money? Our business has had the doors kicked in. Police arrived, looked at the door, see yes, it was kicked in and said goodbye. A week later, the case was dropped, no suspects. Now, someone has decided to use our parking lot to dump their load of tree limbs. The city and waste management said to call a private contractor to haul it off. But don't forget to pay your taxes. We need more runoff elections, and we can't make a decision, so we hire someone to do a study so we won't take the blame. The front glass was broken out in our business. A neighbor witnessed the crime, called police, and I have the suspect on video. This case was also dropped. Oh yes, pay your taxes. Reminds you of our national mess, doesn't it? I think the IRS mess was brought to light so we would forget about the lives lost in the Benghazi attack.

Billy Stehling, Victoria



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