Victoria College gave confidence to succeed

May 26, 2013 at 12:26 a.m.

Crystal Peters

Crystal Peters

The Victoria Advocate will be publishing student essays from the Victoria College "What's Your Story?" scholarship competition during the next few weeks. Students were asked to write an essay answering the question, "How has Victoria College changed your life?" Winners of the contest, who will receive a $1,000 scholarship funded by the Victoria College Foundation, will have their essays published last. We welcome letters and columns from all students.

I believe all things happen for a reason. Who could have imagined after attending big name universities that Victoria College, a community college, would be the institution that would make my dream a reality? When comparing VC to other institutions I have attended, VC has given me the resources I need to achieve my dream. My goal is to become a registered nurse and then continue my education with the final goal of becoming a nurse practitioner specializing in cardiovascular or emergency room medicine.

Immediately after graduating from high school, I was accepted into a big name university and began as a college freshman at the age of 17. I felt very lost. I felt confused in classes and did not know what to study or how to focus on which information was most important. I wanted to succeed, and I wanted to make it in life. I would study for hours on end, and my test grades would not reflect all the hours of studying I put in. I would try to talk to professors for guidance with no avail. After countless hours of studying and working hard and still not receiving the grades I was hoping for, I slowly lost confidence in my academic ability.

Eventually, I changed majors and decided that I just would not be in the medical field. I graduated with my bachelor's degree in communications with a minor in nutrition. Shortly after graduating with my bachelor's, I obtained my Texas real estate license and sold real estate. My heart was still in medicine. I longed to be in the medical field. Once married, I decided it was time to go back to school; I decided to give my science courses another try. When your heart is in it, you will keep searching until you find a way to succeed.

I began taking courses at Victoria College, and my grades have been stellar. I have made all As and Bs in every course at VC. I was accepted into the nursing program on my first try out of more than 300 applicants. I have served on our student nurse association board every level of nursing school so far. Victoria College has made my dream become a reality, a dream I almost lost.

The single factor that sets Victoria College apart is the availability of resources. In my experience at VC, there is always a tutor or faculty member willing to clarify topics until I understand them. When I took the same science courses at my other university, I had a hard time understanding the material. I felt alone, and I felt like if someone would have just told me what I needed to do to succeed, I would do it, but I felt all alone. At VC, I have taken the same courses, and due to the smaller class sizes and the helpful professors and tutors, I have been successful.

The professors at VC have truly gone the extra mile and have spent countless hours working one-on-one with me until I fully understood the concepts. Not only have I succeeded in the courses at VC, but semesters later, I am still able to recall material taught in those courses. Being able to learn and recall the concepts has set the framework for my success in the nursing program.

Looking back, I can see that Victoria College has changed my life. VC gave me the confidence to know that I am smart enough to make it and that I can do it.

One of the most important things VC has taught me is although one door may close, another door is open somewhere else. If you want to succeed at Victoria College and are willing to work at it and put the time in, you can achieve your goals, and your dreams can become reality, just as mine did. Victoria College was my open door, and it is because of Victoria College that I am going to be a successful registered nurse and a nurse practitioner. I will forever remember Victoria College for giving me the confidence and resources I needed to achieve my dreams. Thank you, Victoria College!

Crystal Peters lives in Ganado and is a graduate of Alvin High School. She is studying to become a nurse.



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