Thank you to those who kept husband alive

May 27, 2013 at 12:27 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

On March 25, my husband suffered a massive heart attack. I called EMS, and the person on the telephone talked to me until the most efficient EMS arrived. They were there within 10 minutes. Five or six EMS walked in and took charge. Some worked on Bob while others were getting information from Robbie and I. They were extremely efficient and caring as they worked to keep him alive and give comfort to us. Victoria is lucky to have them. So every time I see a fireman or EMS person, I smile and thank them. Everyone should be grateful for an exceptional team. At Citizens Medical Center, after his heart stopped, Dr. Tillman beat on his chest and zapped him then put in two stints and brought Bob back to us. Bob was in the hospital for 26 days, then home 27 days before we called EMS again. Once again, they were most kind and efficient. This time, Dr. Krueger put in two more stints. Now a year later, Bob is doing well thanks to Dr. Krueger's expert care. Thank you EMS, Citizens Medical Center and doctors Tillman and Krueger.

Dorothy Barnett, Victoria



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