Food service inspections for May 15-22

May 28, 2013 at 12:28 a.m.

The Victoria City-County Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun counties.

In the inspection reports, each violation in the Food Temperature/Time Requirements category is 5 demerits; in the Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements category, 4 demerits; and in the Facility and Equipment Requirements, 3 demerits. Zero is a perfect score, while 100 demerits is the worst possible score.

Each Wednesday, the Advocate publishes inspection results from the previous week. All demerits are reported, but only those in the categories of Food Temperature/Time Requirements and Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements are detailed.


Taqueria Dona Mary, 501 S. Moody St., Victoria. Demerits: 39. Need to wash hands with soap and water. Employee drinks need lids and straws. Dispose of out-of-date foods. Use gloves when making tacos. Store raw meat below other foods. Use correct use-by dates on food and work on date-labeling all foods. Hand sink was blocked with dishes in it. Need soap in restroom to wash hands with. Manager needs to work on demonstration of knowledge. Refrigerator in storage building needs a thermometer. Do not use trash bags to store foods in. Store food and paper products at least six inches off the floor. Need to cover trash cans in the restrooms. Five facility or equipment violations.

La Hacienda No. 3, 3801 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 28. Improper cold-hold temperature. Cover food in walk-in cooler. Store raw chicken below other food. Defrost meat in a container, not directly in the sink. Move trash cans from in front of the hand sink. Label all chemicals. Need thermometer at tabletop. Do not use thank-you bags to store food. Five facility or equipment violations.

Las Palmas Mexican Cafe, 6007 N. Main St., Suites D and E, Victoria. Demerits: 19. Improper cold-hold temperature. Keep items out of hand sink. Cover food in the walk-in cooler and the freezer. Address problem of sugar ants. Clean the ice machine. Place ice scoop on a clean surface. Two facility or equipment violations.

China Inn, 3602 E. Houston Highway, Victoria. Demerits: 16. Employee drinks need lids and straws. Cover all food in all coolers. Raw meat must be stored below other food. Keep times documented on food kept at room temperature or keep at 41 degrees or 135 degrees.

Gone Bananas, 2202 N. Laurent St., Victoria. Demerits: 13. Need hot and cold water at the three-compartment sink. Knobs are broken so the water cannot be turned on. Address problem of ants at the three-compartment sink and gnats in the restrooms. Fix the leak at the hand sink. Need thermometers in all coolers. Three facility or equipment violations.

Baytown Seafood Restaurant, 4010 Houston Highway, Victoria. Demerits: 12. Improper cold-hold temperature. Do not keep a cell phone on the utensils. Label all the spray bottles and buckets. One facility or equipment violation.

Woodlawn Bowling Center, 1326 E. Red River St., Victoria. Demerits: 8. Use a seven-day use-by date on hot dogs. Need hot water in the women's restroom.

The Beacon on the Bay, 102 W. Bay Ave., Seadrift. Demerits: 6. Label the spray bottles. Need a thermometer in small black cooler. Two facility or equipment violations.

Eddy Packing Co. Inc., 404 Airport Drive, Yoakum; Sno Ball, 102 Tribble St., Yoakum. Demerits: 3.

Bayrat Bar and Grill, 101 E. Broadway St., Seadrift; Cherry Berry, 7905 N. Navarro St., Victoria; DeTar Hospital North, 101 Medical Drive, Victoria; Paradise Amusement Center, 4215 N. Ben Jordan St., Victoria; Retama Manor South, 3103 E. Airline Road, Victoria; The Sunshine House Preschool, 5015 Evergreen St., Victoria. Demerits: 0.


JR's Barbecue, 1001 U.S. Highway 77 Alternate, Yoakum, inspected April 19 with 30 demerits. Reinspected May 15 with several violations not corrected. The following issues still need to be addressed: Date-label all foods with a seven-day use-by date. Use a three-step process to wash dishes. Use licensed pest control only. Clean and sanitize the sinks. Do not store foods directly in the plastic thank-you bags.



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