Korczynski storms back into action

May 29, 2013 at 12:29 a.m.

It has been awhile since Bob Korczynski has put up numbers like he did during the first week of Rolling Thunder Summer League play.

Korczynski ripped the pins to score one of his career best series with a 744 total.

He started with a 236 game and then added games of 252 and 256 to cement his big set.

With the league summer session just getting started, this week's bowling scores are the result of two weeks of Rolling Thunder play and the no-tap league Funtappers.

Victor Thomas posted the second high score with a great 279 high game contributing towards a 671 set.

Other nice scores rolled were Steve Zeplin (243-664), Jesse Longoria (654), Gary Hatter Jr. (653), Kim Blake (647), and Shawn Miller (644).

Joanna Sanders led the women with a very nice 621 series posted in Rolling Thunder play. She bowled a 223 high game, which contributed towards her total.

Olivia Jackson with a 213-572 and Rebekah Martinez with a 219-567 were other nice sets rolled by the women.

With another week of competition being competed in the Texas State USBC Open, two more area bowlers have crashed the top 10 in the standings.

A Port Lavaca team Beau's Wild card has moved into second place in Div. 5 with a team score of 3,531.

The Lavaca duo of Patrick Chrisco and Daniel Harborth are currently in fifth place with a score of 1,451 in doubles.

In the Division 4 singles event, Harborth is in fourth place with a score of 774.

Chrisco is in ninth place in Div. 4 all events with a nine game total of 2,193.

Victoria bowler Jacob Silgero is in third place in Div. 5 singles with a 793 series posted five weeks ago.

In the Women's Texas State Tournament being held in the Houston area, several Victoria bowlers have made the top 10 list. The tournament ends June 30th, so there will be five more weekends of waiting for the final standings.

Stroud's Vending moved into seventh place in the Div. 1 team event with a score of 3,320.

There are two doubles pair that made the Div. 1 top 10 with Bailey Koebrick and Christine Speer putting up a 1,429 score for fifth place and sisters Meredith Mulkey and Carri Lee tied for sixth in the same division with a score of 1,423.

Carolyn Ray and Shana Ray currently hold the sixth place spot in Div. 2 with a score of 1,443.

Koebrick is tied for sixth in Div. 2 singles with a score of 759 and she also made the all events list with a 2,140 nine game total and a tie for 10th place.

Good bowling ladies, and I, hope we can get more area bowlers to make the prize list in state and national tournaments.

Next week, I will join nine other local bowlers to bowl in the USBC National Open in Reno. Several local teams have already competed in the 110th Anniversary of the largest participative sport in the world. With over 14 thousand plus five member teams participating, it can lead to some very high scores but also a very large prize list.

Pro Notes

On June 11, CBS will show delayed broadcasts of the GEICO Summer Swing Tour for five consecutive weeks.

The first step-ladder finals will be the Lucas Oil Wolf Open.

Nine year PBA Tour bowler, Chris Loschetter holds the top seed and is trying to win his first PBA title. Norm Duke is the second seed and is shooting for his 37th PBA title.

E.J. Tackeet, a 20-year-old PBA rookie, is the third seed.

Also in the finals will be Pete Weber, who is also gunning for his 37th title and the 5th seed is Bill O'Neill.

It should make for an interesting first summer tournament.

ROLLING THUNDER 1ST (tie) GUTTER KINGS and IT'S A FAMILY THING! Women: J. Sanders 223-621; O. Jackson 213-572; R. Martinez 219-567/533; S. Wharton 236-557/525; J. Reyna 541; M. Bonuz 526/520; Men:B. Korczynski 256-744; V. Thomas 279-671; S. Zeplin 243-664/594; J. Longoria 236-654/564; G. Hatter Jr. 238-653/237-591; K. Blake 647; S. Miller 241-644/231-611;M. Osterson 245-636/238-596; M. Michalec 632/594; J. Silgero 236-621; C. Schmidt 593; R. Verduzco 225-588; M. McLemore 586; C. Hoff 574; J. Rodriguez 228-583/570; B. Alex 567; R. Martinez 565; B. Alex 567; G. Verduzco 235-558; T. Bennett 557; R. Madrigal 556; A. Flores 551;

FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) Women: B. Koebrick 690; Men: R. Kalmus 762; B. Fisseler 760; F. Torres 688; J. Weber 663; T. Bennett 662;



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