Netflix Fix: '30 Beats' goes in the round to reveal the steamy love of the season

By Luis Rendon
May 29, 2013 at 12:29 a.m.

The virgin and the anthropologist kick off the round of 10 lovers in "30 Beats."

The virgin and the anthropologist kick off the round of 10 lovers in "30 Beats."

If spring is when love is sweet and blooming, summer is when love is reckless, explosive and seemingly around every corner.

It could be the hot air that touches the bare skin we reveal in attempts to stay cool. Or it could be the longer days that leaves us begging for action, tired of the silly romances that we foster in the days of St. Valentine.

In "30 Beats" (R, 1 hour and 28 minutes) it's all those reasons and more as we follow 10 very different people feeling the sexual pull of summer in New York City.

The story is set up like a tag team between the 10 would-be lovers, focusing on one character until he or she has or at least has tried to do the deed with the next person in the story round.

The movie is quite sexy but is able to capture the heat of everything without being vulgar or showing too much of anything. You can blame it, perhaps, on the cast, who are 50 shades of beautiful. Lee Pace, Paz de la Huerta and the others are all gorgeous and sensual, but outside of their physical beauty, there's also lots to lust over because of their imperfections. There are two clumsy virgins, a psychic who specializes in booty calls, an anthropologist whose mojo has been seemingly stolen and a bike messenger who is in love with a woman whom he has never spoken with.

You could also blame the sexual heat on the dialogue. The interactions between our characters are full of slow-building tension, which really is the only ingredient needed for a good big screen romp.

We get to see every character as both the object of desire and as someone in the pursuit of love/lust, which is a pleasant reprieve of the typical tropes where characters are pigeonholed to being one certain way all the time.

We all are capable of feeling the draw of someone and reeling in our own suitors. To see a movie so frankly have its characters take hold of their sexual desires is refreshing.



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