What's Your Story: Victoria College pushes student to succeed

May 30, 2013 at 12:30 a.m.

I had a great life growing up. I was taught I had to work for what I want. At the age of 18, I decided to take a road my family didn't agree with, and that was giving up college for a guy. At the age of 21, I started going back to college, and it was a struggle. The college I was going to acted like they didn't care about me. Two years later, I transferred to Victoria College. Not only did I get respect from Victoria College, but I knew I was someone important to them. I was a student. Victoria College has changed my life by giving me another chance. It has encouraged me, challenged me and motivated me to do my best.

Coming into Victoria College was a huge difference from the other colleges I had been to. I started off the semester with lower grades. I had not been taught the things I needed to know. I went to my teachers, thinking they wouldn't care, just like the other colleges, but I was in for a surprise. They not only helped me get caught up, but they also helped me stay on top. They encouraged me when I made mistakes, and that was exactly what I needed. The teachers didn't make me feel dumb for not knowing; they encouraged me to learn and made it fun for me.

Victoria College has given me a challenge. I got bored with school in my younger years because I had no challenge. Yes, school was tough at times, but there was no big challenge. Victoria College has given me a challenge, which, to me, makes school more interesting. In my speech class, I did not do well on my first speech and didn't understand why. After talking to the teacher, he explained to me that, yes, it was a good speech, but he knew I could do better. He didn't want to hand me a good grade when he knew it wasn't my best. At first, this frustrated me, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Life isn't about just getting by. Everyone always wants to better themselves, and this was his way of challenging me to better myself. After that, I have challenged myself by trying harder and trying to make a better grade, be it on a test or just on homework. This also helped me to challenge myself in life.

Victoria College has also helped to motivate me. Growing up, I had never seen myself as a leader in school. I study hard, but my grades are never as high as I would like them to be. Just recently, a teacher came up to me and asked me to be a tutor and told me to really think about it. This shocked me. Could I really be a tutor even though I don't have the highest grades? My teacher explained to me that she saw me struggle in class at times, but she liked that I wouldn't give up. This really motivated me. I had never thought about becoming a tutor, and now, I had a teacher telling me I would be a great tutor. The conversation I had with her motivated me so much; it made me try even harder in that class and all my other classes.

Victoria College has done a lot for me. It has changed my life in many ways. Not only has it encouraged me, but its instructors have also shown that they care by challenging me and motivated me in school and showing me how to apply it toward my life. If it weren't for Victoria College, I would probably be working a minimum wage job and would have dropped out of school again. I love going to class every day and feeling like I am someone important and that I can do as well as any other person in life and in school. I want to thank Victoria College for being respectful toward me and helping me do my best. I look forward to continuing school at Victoria College.

Brianna Pearson graduated from LaVernia High School and lives in Victoria. She is studying accounting.



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