Years ago for Sunday, Jun 02, 2013

May 30, 2013 at 12:30 a.m.


June 4 - The city has purchased a street sprinkler and will use it to sprinkle all of the streets, especially those which have been graveled, without extra charge to the citizens. Gravel streets go to ruin fast in dry weather, and the amount that the city can save in repairs by sprinkling them is considerable. The resultant comfort to travelers is also worthy of consideration, for the difference between a street that has been sprinkled and one that has not during a protracted dry spell is the difference between a good street and a bad one.

June 5 - It is understood that the fire horses will be used to draw the street sprinkler recently ordered by the city and that the paid firemen will be given turns about in driving the horses in that capacity. Some of the firemen are offering strenuous objections to being placed on the water wagon and will probably ask for an increase in their salaries for such service. "They call us firemen," said one of the men this morning, "but I wouldn't be surprised if we were required to dig post holes next."

June 8 - Blue Bonnet Camp, Royal Neighbors of America, will conduct an ice cream festival on the Public Square Tuesday night, June 10. Cake will also be served. The public is cordially invited.


June 6 - The spring term of Victoria County District Court, which came to a close here Saturday, was marked by some splendid work by all officials of the court, including Judge J.P. Pool, District Attorney Howard P. Green, District Clerk J.M. Stokes, Sheriff R.A. Rogan and the Grand Jury, headed by D.E. Blackburn. The work of Sheriff R.A. Rogan and his department was particularly outstanding.

June 7 - The C.H. Jackson Directory Company of San Antonio Monday will start enumerating the population of the city of Victoria for the purpose of issuing a new city directory, C.H. Jackson, owner, has announced. The firm published a city directory here in 1935, at which time the population was slightly in excess of 10,000. Mr. Jackson now estimates the population will now run around 14,000.


June 3 - More than 3,000 people visited the spring show of the Rockport School of Fine Arts at which Victoria artist, Mrs. Madeline O'Connor, was top winner. Mrs. O'Connor was awarded the Rockport School of Fine Arts Gold Cup, for outstanding achievement. Her painting "Ballerina" was winner of the first prize in figurine division, and "Pomegranates" was awarded an honorable mention in the still life division. Dalhart Windberg followed Mrs. O'Connor closely with two wins. One was awarded the most popular picture in the exposition, a canvas "Down in the Woods," and the other, "Remembering," took second place. Mrs. Jean Frankenberg was third in the figure division, with her painting, "Reclining Figure."

June 7 - A 26-year-old city police officer shed his clothes and plunged into rough and deep waters of the Guadalupe River in City Park yesterday afternoon to save the life of a distraught fisherman. The rescuer was identified as Patrolman Richard Inmon, who swam 50 yards to save the life of Ray J. Korenek, 34, whose small boat had capsized while he was trying to free a trot line that had become entangled in a mass of debris. Korenek was taken to Citizens Memorial Hospital where he was later released.


June 2 - City Manager James J. Miller said Wednesday he's not sure Victoria needs a public transportation system being proposed by the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission.

However, he emphasized he has not yet seen the proposal being put together by the regional planning commission staff, and such a decision would probably rest with the City Council.

Mayor John Blackaller said he also has not seen the details of that proposal. But he agreed Victoria is probably not ready yet for public transportation.

Transportation coordinator Ronnie Gipson said Tuesday he met with city officials and is putting together a proposal that could result in the city offering a public transportation system.

He said the idea would be to start out on a small-scale basis with "a few vans." Gipson said as the demand grew, the number of vans could be increased, with mini-buses or buses being used if there are enough riders.

Gipson said the system could become part of the regional planning commission's existing transportation system, which serves rural areas in Victoria, Goliad, DeWitt, Jackson, Lavaca, Gonzales and Calhoun Counties.

He said part of the costs could be paid for with federal money set aside for the city of Victoria since 1985. He said that includes $193,299 in 1985, $410,714 in 1986, $369,939 in 1987 and $355,577 in 1988.

Gipson said if the 1985 money is not used this year, it will be forfeited for redistribution.

To qualify for the money, the city would have to produce matching funds. The city's obligation would be a 50 percent match for operations and 20 percent for capital outlay.



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