Oceans For Emotions: What comes around goes around

By Elaine Wheat
May 31, 2013 at 12:31 a.m.

"... In the beginning, God ..." - Genesis 1:1

Each time I leave the beach, I leave feeling better and leave the beach looking better. But, of course, I am older and wiser than the kids who got out of school and are going to reach to the beach today.

Times have changed but the beach hasn't. The teenage kids can't hear the waves breaking because the waves are drowned out by their boom boxes.

The kids can't even look at the water because they have to sit on the tailgates of their pickups facing the road to see who else is down there.

We older and wiser ones put on sunscreen as they lather up in suntan lotion to try to get a tan that will last the rest of the season.

We elder ones put on more clothes to keep from burning and wear jeans in the water because of jellyfish while the young, school-aged girls wear the tiniest bikinis they can find. I do offer them meat tenderizer when they come out of the ocean crying because of the jellyfish stings.

I wonder why they all sit on the back of their pickup trucks texting on their iPhones - probably to the person sitting next to them. (Lol!)

Dear Lord, in your eternal timeline, I imagine it doesn't seem like long that I was a teenager down here. We used to fish with cane poles, and we wrote love letters in the sand and drank cokes iced down in a No. 2 wash tub. What comes around goes around, and I can picture You smiling down from heaven and watching these beach-goers as they have their fun.



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