Food service inspections

Nov. 5, 2013 at 5:05 a.m.

The Victoria City-County Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun counties.

In the inspection reports, each violation in the Food Temperature/Time Requirements category is 5 demerits; in the Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements category, 4 demerits; and in the Facility and Equipment Requirements, 3 demerits. Zero is a perfect score, while 100 demerits is the worst possible score.

Each Wednesday, the Advocate publishes inspection results from the previous week. All demerits are reported, but only those in the categories of Food Temperature/Time Requirements and Personnel/Handling/Source Requirements are detailed.


La Antigua, 737 N. state Highway 35, Port Lavaca. Demerits: 41. Wash hands before putting on gloves. Employee drinks need lids and straws. Keep ice scoop handles out of the ice. Keep times documented of chorizo kept out at room temperature. Need cold water at the wait staff hand sink. Put the hand sink back in at the bar area. Address problem of presence of roaches. Clean the droppings in the storage area. Label the spray bottle and wait staff container. Wash, rinse and sanitize all dishes. Need thermometer in tabletop. Need accurate thermometer at the bar cooler. Six facility or equipment violations.

Mexico Tipico, 421 N. Virginia St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: 25. Do not wash hands at the three-compartment sink where dishes are located. Keep food covered in the walk-in cooler. Do not touch flour tortillas with bare hands; need to use gloves. Date-label food with a use-by date. Keep soap at the hand sink at all times. Sanitizer container needs to be labeled. Do not store sanitizer rags on cutting board. Need a thermometer in wait staff cooler. Defrost meat under cold running water. Three facility or equipment violations.

Taqueria La Finca, 2640 W. Main St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: Improper hot-hold temperature. Need to properly cool food before putting in the walk-in cooler. Employees may not eat in the kitchen preparation areas. Discard any food kept in cooler more than four hours that did not drop to 41 degrees or less. Keep times documented on food kept at room temperature. Date-label food in big containers. Do not use hand sink to defrost meat. Label the bleach bucket. Keep bag of onions off the floor. Two facility or equipment violations.

Dave and Barbara's Q, Mobile Unit at 104 York St., Ganado. Demerits: 21. Reheat cooked meats, beans, etc. to 165 degrees within two hours. Wash hands then put on gloves before handling ready-to-eat foods. Do not handle cellphone with gloved hands. Must not block the hand-washing sink. Address problem of presence of flies in the mobile unit. Wash, rinse and sanitize cutting board and knives. Do not use cloth towels to dry. Cloth towels are soiled. Keep the to-go plates, etc. up off the ground at least 6 inches. Four facility or equipment violations.

The Store, 1713 N. Virginia St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: 11. Ice bags need proper labels. Dispose of expired medication. Keep ice scoop on clean, sanitized surface. One facility or equipment violation.

TMC Head Start, 424 S. Seadrift St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: 8. Improper cold-hold temperature. Address problem of presence of droppings. Droppings need to be cleaned up. One facility or equipment violation.

Broadway Shell, 1326 Broadway St., Port Lavaca. Demerits: 8. Dispose of expired juice. Hot water needs to reach 100 degrees.

Gingerbread School, 2202 Half League Road, Port Lavaca. Demerits: 4. Date-label hot dogs with a seven-day use-by date.

Church's Chicken No. 1463, 206 N. state Highway 35, Port Lavaca; Coastal Kids Day Care, 709 B state Highway 35 South, Port Lavaca; Get and Go Foodmart No. 1, 1717 Half League St., Port Lavaca; The PumpHouse Riverside Restaurant, 1201 W. Stayton St., Victoria. Demerits: 3.

Evelyn's Seafood Market, 732 Broadway St., Port Lavaca; Ladybug Learning Center, 401 S. Commerce St., Port Lavaca; Whataburger No. 323, 468 Highway 35, Port Lavaca; Taco Poco Loco, 403 S. Laurent St., Victoria; Victoria East AFL/Life Skills Kitchen, 4103 E. Mockingbird Lane, Room No. B116, Victoria; VYSO Concession Stand, 305 Big Bend St., Victoria; Yoakum High School, Wimberly St., Yoakum. Demerits: 0.


Bayside Seafood Restaurant, 2055 State Highway 35 North, Port Lavaca, inspected Oct. 22 with 24 demerits. Reinspected Oct. 28 with all violations corrected.

Broadway Shell, 1326 Broadway St., Port Lavaca, inspected Oct. 24 with 8 demerits. Reinspected Oct. 28 with hot water violation not corrected. Will return to reinspect.

Chili's Bar and Grill, 5004 N. Navarro St., Victoria, inspected Oct. 21 with 3 demerits. Reinspected Oct. 23 with dishwasher repaired.

La Michoacana Supermarket Taqueria, 2502 N. Laurent St., Victoria, inspected Oct. 14 with 33 demerits. Reinspected Oct. 24 with need to continue working on critical violations. Wash hands before putting gloves on. Too much bleach in bucket. Label bucket. Need more sanitizer at the three-compartment sink.



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