Stacy continues torrid pace with lone 700 sets

Nov. 6, 2013 at 5:06 a.m.

In a week when the high scores were minimal, Mike Stacy continued his torrid assault on the pins by bowling the only two 700 sets for the second consecutive week.

The smooth stroking left-hander dominated the Red River League with great games of 215, 247, and 277 to total 739 for the night. The next high series in the league was a 640.

He was also in control of the Sugar & Spice League with a 278 high game contributing towards a 723 series.

While the fact that he is a lefthander and his line to the pocket may not break down as much as a right handed bowler, it is his ability to lock on to his ball speed and timing that makes him standout in local competition.

Other nice scores for the men were T.J. Mooney (673), Steve Gritta (670), Mike Osterson (268-669), Steve Dickinson (667/278), Mark Svatek (664), Larry Hall (258), and Shawn Miller (257).

Sharon Guinn and Joanna McNary dominated the women's weekly scores with very good sets in Sundowner League play.

Guinn was outstanding with games of 237, 201, and 217 to earn the weekly honors with a 655 series.

McNary was not to far behind with individual games of 223, 198, and 224 contributing towards a 645 total.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week are Steve Gritta 757 (Sugar & Spice) and Sharon Guinn 727 (Sundowners).

The Century Lanes now has entry forms available for their annual New Year's Eve No-Tap Tournament. The entry fee is $60 per couple and includes the prize fund, banquet dinner & champagne at midnight. The tournament is limited to the first 64 paid entries. Contact the Century Lanes or Trent Blake to sign up.

The Century Lanes hosted the Texas Riviera Bowling Club Holiday Tournament this past Saturday with 28 teams participating.

A local team, NVD won the four-game team title with a very nice team handicap total of 4,194 pins.

Abrahm Flores and Abe Suarez led the team with sets of 910 and 905 respectively.

Other members of the winning team were Alicia and Ida Caballero and Jesse Guerra.

A Victoria team, "The Crossroads Bowlers" finished in second place with a score of 4,194 pins. Team members were Thomas Rutherford, Rebekah Martinez, Joe Blount, Samantha Wharton, and Bobby Mowles.

The top three individual handicap series for the women were Victoria bowlers Joanna McNary (926), Terri Mason (910), and Michelle Ligon (896).

The top three men also are Victoria bowlers. They were Gary Hatter Jr. (928), Joe Blount (910), and Abrahham Flores (910).

Jenell Deane Britton passed away recently at the age of 91.

Deane was a long time local bowler who competed until back problems stopped her bowling activities.

I was fortunate to have bowled on the same team with Deane when I first joined The Over The Hill League about nine years ago. I admired her friendly demeanor and passion for the game.

Although in her early eighties, she still wanted to improve on her game.

She was a gracious lady and will be missed by all.

My condolences and sympathy to her family.

FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST TEAM 4 Men: E. Smith 628; M. Osterson 608; J. Silgero 592; G. Hatter Jr. 588; C. Bigham 561; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: E. Estrada 471; Men: J. Simmons 587; R. Estrada 568; A. Garcia 560; J. Figueroa 535; M. Smith 534; A. Hempel 534; S. Gritta 213-532; M. Almendarez 528; B. Buzzell 513; MONDAY MIXED 1ST COBRA KAI Women: D. Stroud 222-536; D. Bues 508; Men: R. Vasquez 225-597; E. Gonzales 597; J. Holbert 592; M. Redding 575; D. Dye 575; B. Mooney 573; J. Vasquez 572; J. Walden 560; H. Bellanger Jr. 557; RED RIVER 1ST STROUD'S VENDING, Stroud's Vending also won the first quarter of the league. Men: M. Stacy 277-739; T. Pfuhl 234-640; T. Williams 233-633; J. Silgero 232-622; M. Osterson 245-621; K. Schupbach 227-620; D. Flores 238-605; J. Tweedle 602; D. Matthews 587; G. Hatter jr. 584; S. Zeplin 582; D. Blohm 579; T. Crowe 244-579; J. Matson 226-569; C. Hoff 558; J. Cavazos 553; T. Rutherford 553; H. Tesch 552; P. Alva 549; A. Flores 549; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (tie) GUTTER NUTZ and AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: T. Wortham 210-568; C. Lee 551; C. Speer 531; J. Reyna 525; Men: M. Stacy 278-723; S. Gritta 241-670; M. Svatek 225-664; S.Dickinson 278-643; R. Gonzales 242-642; L. Hall 258-638; B. Hyden 233-635; M. Michalec 623; T.J. Mooney 237-623; B. Mowles 235-619; J. Tweedle 614; M. Unger 607; D. Matthews 246-606; M. Wortham 225-600; D. Brackin 243-595; M. Osterson 590; K. Stacy 230-587; P. Smith 585; C. Aiken 581; T. Blake 579; T. Crowe 234-571; R. Nickel 562; K. Schupbach 555; C.Kurtz 229-553; M. Rodriguez 551; R. Rodriguez 240;CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST (tie) ALLEY CATS and GIRLFRIENDS Women: L. Goryews 468; C. Goode 465; B. Long 465; DOW MIXED 1ST (tie) BANDIDOS and THE BOWLING STONES Women: E. Fuhrman 510; Men: L. Fuhrman 225-604; D. Rodriguez 237-585; L. Adcock 577; J. Cavazos 559; SUNDOWNERS 1ST GAME OVER Women: S. Guinn 237-655; J. McNary 224-645; J. Thomas 222-551; N. Schmidt 551; P. Robles 549; J. Sims 540; C. Wilson 537; S. Wharton 536; L. Heil 515; Men: T.J. Mooney 227-673; M. Osterson 268-669; S. Dickinson 237-667; E. Smith 245-627; S. Miller 257-625; M. Unger 614; C. Hammack 233-608; D. Knowlan 603; M. McDonald 225-603; J. Hernandez Sr. 602; D. Marques 599; E. Smith 597; T. Bennett 588; J. Cass 585; G. Hatter Jr. 236-582; M. Michalec 580; W. Jackson 578; R. Rendon 571; B.Hammack 570; V. Thomas 227-567; R. Ellis 564; J. Holbert 225-563; G. Mason 225-560; L. Boyd 559; R. Kalmus 559; M. Koehne 554; B. Korczynski 552; A. Hempel 550; G. McClain 234; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1ST G S B Women: M. Farias 466; Men: C. Bigham 225-600; J. Flores 241-572; M. Cantu 224-561; C.J. Bigham 554; J. Silgero 552;



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