Top five songs to sail free

Nov. 6, 2013 at 5:06 a.m.

Top 5 songs to sail free

1. STYX - "Come Sail Away"

Key lyric: "On board, I'm the captain / So climb aboard / We'll search for tomorrow on every shore"

2. Crosby, Stills and Nash - "Southern Cross"

Key lyric: "(I've been around the world) I have been around the world / (Lookin') Lookin' for that woman girl / Who knows love can endure / And you know it will, and you know it will yes"

3. Shovels & Rope - "Lay Low"

Key lyric: "Well I probably should be / Drug out to sea / Where I can't hurt no one / And no one can hurt me / At least I'd be free"

4. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez - "The Water is Wide"

Key lyric: "There is a ship and she sails on the sea / Loaded deep as deep can be / But not as deep as the love I'm in / And know not how I sink or swim"

5. Supertramp - "Downstream"

Key lyric: "Took a boat Sunday down by the sea / It just felt so nice, you and me / We didn't have a problem or a care on earth / And all around was silence / Everywhere"



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