Democrats' unquestioning loyalty is wrong

Nov. 8, 2013 at 5:08 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Most evangelical Christians believe that if one iota of the Bible is wrong, then the entire Bible could be wrong. The Bible is their absolute. The need for an absolute is not limited to religion - at least religion in the theocratic sense.

This idea of complete inerrancy of the Democratic Party is like the fundamentalist who believes in the complete inerrancy of the Bible. Every word of both is truth. When asked about a situation where there were two statements in the Bible that contradict each other, the true believer would say they are both true. There is evidence of a determination to parrot certain erratic and unsupportable theories and talking points, which are easily disproved. The history for both of them, however, indicates that becoming knowledgeable about a subject is not their goal; thus, the same mistakes in comprehension and presentation are made endlessly. They both display a kind of frenzied eagerness to make unsupportable accusations with a manner that shows a certain urgency to state their opinion. Equally as evident is the fact that neither is willing to consider any in-depth analysis of their subject matter. It appears both are simply reading from a script and expect everyone else to accept any bizarre and outlandish assertion they make.

When the same people perform the same way, day in and day out to their own detriment, you have to understand there is a larger agenda at stake for them. The belief system has been accepted as being more important than fact. The true Democrats feel the same way about the Democratic Party. The daily Dem "talking points" are their scripture. All positions are best. All Democratic candidates are best, no matter what their positions are.

Never consider the candidate's worth. Any admission of fallibility and the whole belief system would be down the old sewer. Questioning the facts and conducting research generates information eventually. Their predisposition is to reject any fact that conflicts with what they choose to believe. The ramifications of having to accept factual reality are so threatening as to be strenuously resisted at every encounter.

Roy Mark, Victoria



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