Where is list of Obama's accomplishments?

Nov. 9, 2013 at 5:09 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I think it would be appropriate for the Obama devotees to give us a list of his major accomplishments that have them so enamored with him and his administration. This list will enlighten us and allow us to see the wisdom of his administration. Never mind what other presidents have done; what has this president accomplished? If they cannot think of any accomplishments that have a positive effect on the nation, then they can always resort to their usual derogatory remarks and pseudo-intellectual comments about conservatives, who are more than capable of producing lists of negative and un-American aspects of him and his presidency. I am confident they will say his critics only offer negative remarks about the president, but the truth itself is always a positive.

If that does not work, maybe they can follow the president's example and lie or find someone else to blame. I eagerly await their list of Obama's accomplishments or examples of the options mentioned above. Youthful idealism is fine, but they will have to confront the truth eventually.

I suggest that the younger generation pay more attention to what former military men and women have to say, especially retirees. We have been there and seen socialism, communism, Marxism and imperialism in their many deceptive forms and disguises. This Marxist-leaning president does not fool the majority of us. I retired from the army 38 years ago, and I cannot stand by and watch what he is doing to our military and country without speaking out. Maybe the next American soldier killed or wounded will be from a weapon sold to the enemy by the "Honorable" Barrack Obama. It is time to impeach this disgrace to America now.

Paul Dake, Victoria



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