Book Worm: 'The Beginning of Everything' is nice sort of different

Kathleen Duncan

Nov. 13, 2013 at 5:13 a.m.

   Blaine Hefner for The Victoria Advocate

One night, a reckless driver slams into Ezra Faulkner's car and derails his life. Before the accident, Faulkner was an extremely popular captain of the tennis team with a clear, smooth road through high school.

Afterwards, Ezra finds himself uninterested in sitting with his old friends, talking about tennis when he can't play anymore. He has to use a cane and elevator to get to class; he is no longer athletic. He feels lost and struggles to find his place in an environment that seemed so easy before.

As Ezra tries to find his way, he drifts back to his old best friend, Toby, from childhood and meets a new girl at school named Cassidy Thorpe.

Suddenly, his life is different in a positive way, and he thinks he might actually be able to recover. Toby is effortlessly welcoming and introduces him to intelligent people whom he can actually have a conversation with.

He also starts to spend time with Cassidy, who is intelligent and challenging. Ezra realizes he doesn't miss the dumb conversations or the social expectations of his old friends. He begins to like who he is changing into - or maybe who he was all along.

Though this may sound like a pretty typical teen plot, this book is more unique than you'd expect. The better developed characters are witty and unexpected. The plot, though a bit predictable in the beginning, surprises you at the end. Nothing ends up quite how you expected it to, but it ends up possibly even better. Though the characters do fit the usual stereotypes, it can be overlooked because of the engaging dialogue.

"The Beginning of Everything" by Robyn Schneider is a young adult book with a few twists. The characters are not all shallow, mindless teenagers engaged in a love triangle or dealing with teen angst.

Some of these characters represent that there are those who are more complicated, with histories and internal challenges they have to face to figure out who they are or be defeated by them in time.

This book is a satisfying read that any fan of this genre will appreciate, emphasizing that life can throw something unexpected at us, but we can come out even better in the end than when we started.



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