Top 5 Indie Women You Should Listen to

Nov. 13, 2013 at 5:13 a.m.

Top 5 indie women you should listen to

1. Eilen Jewell - "Rain Roll In"

Key lyric: "No one ever said it would always be good / And if they did they were just wrong / I've loved it all and I'll miss it when I'm gone / My life's been my art and I've told it in my song"

2. Kimbra - "Settle Down"

Key lyric: "She's got a fancy car / She wants to take you far / From the city lights and sounds deep into the dark"

3. Valerie June - "Workin' Woman Blues"

Key lyric: "Lord, know I'm a good lookin' girl, man / If you want to, give me something / Anything in this great big world, well / Lord you know that I am ready / For my sugar, my sugar daddy"

4. The Walking Sticks - "Send the Night"

Key lyric: "Send the Night / Roll the Dice / What's the meaning of American Life? / Can't deny / She's not afraid to stuff the trunk and throw the body away"

5. Laura Marling - "Once I Was An Eagle"

Key lyric: "So your grandfather sounds like me / Head up shoulders back and proud to be / Every little girl is so naive / Falling in love with the first man that she sees"



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