Lecture on evolution of humanity was good

Nov. 17, 2013 at 5:17 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I know I am late to the party on this question, but I just got done talking to friends and family about the latest lyceum speaker, Nicholas Wade. The Nicholas Wade talk on the migration and evolution of humans over the last 50,000 years was very interesting. I wish he could have talked longer. I was impressed at how well behaved Victoria was. I assumed there would be more people speaking out against evolution. I personally don't see any debate on the subject. There are mounds of data verifying evolution. Evolution (macro and micro) happened and is still happening. It's not something you can just choose to believe in or not; that's the great part about it. For example, you can't just choose not to believe in the Germ Theory of Disease. It's a scientific theory, and saying you don't believe it doesn't make you exempt from getting sick. Same thing when it comes to evolution; you can say you don't believe in it, but it still does nothing to change the fact that it happened and is still happening.

Also, I believe evolution should be taught in every science classroom across the U.S. We should not allow it to be omitted from textbooks. Religion, creationism and intelligent design should be kept out of schools. Evolution belongs in science classrooms because it is a theory based off the scientific method of observing, measuring and testing evidence, while creationism should not be allowed in the science classroom because it is rooted in the faith-based logic of religious texts. The big issue is critics of evolution have not or refuse to understand the basic underlying principles of evolution.

Rae Beth Holt, Victoria



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