VISD develops plan to meet state standards

Carolina Astrain By Carolina Astrain

Nov. 18, 2013 at 5:18 a.m.

Victoria school district administrators have developed a plan to bring 15 of their 27 campuses up to par with the rest of the state.

District administrators Susanne Carroll and Dionne Hughes will present Victoria school board trustees with their individual campus goals and targeted intervention plans Thursday evening.

Nine of the campuses to be discussed received an improvement required rating under the state's new accountability system.

The six other campuses to be discussed met state standards but have been identified as not meeting system safeguards.

Safeguard areas include graduation, performance or participation rates, said DeEtta Culbertson, Texas Education Agency information specialist.

"Even if a campus does not receive an improvement required rating ... the district or campus is still held accountable for improvement," Culbertson said. "... This is done so that areas of weakness can be addressed before they are hit with an improvement required rating."

Unlike the new accountability system, the system safeguards are not new to the state, Culbertson said.

"We've always had the system safeguards in there," Culbertson said. "... The system safeguards are also linked to national expectations."

In other business, the board will take action on four proposed courses in the process technology and instrumentation and electronic technology fields.

The Victoria school district partnered with Victoria College and industry experts to develop the content of those courses, said Diane Boyett, VISD communications director.

"We're seeking approval from the state for these courses to be accepted as math and science credits toward graduation," Boyett said. "These courses are extremely relevant to the career paths of students."

These courses are designed to meet the state's new graduation plan requirements tied to House Bill 5.

"We suspect other districts across the state will be replicating these courses," Boyett said. "We're also working to be responsive to the needs to local employers."



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