Stacy knocks down lone 700 set

Nov. 20, 2013 at 5:20 a.m.

Mike Stacy continues to dominate the pins with another big series posted during Red River League play.

Stacy rolled games of 201, 279 and 254 to total 734 pins and the only 700 set produced this week.

Eddie Steven Jr. almost reached perfection during senior league play with a great middle game.

In a game when he seemed to strike at will, a light pocket hit on the 12th ball left the 7 pin standing for a 299 game.

The big game helped toward a 673 series and an award from USBC for 11 strikes in a row.

Other scores of note for the men were Joey Matson (692), Gary Hatter Jr. (688), Tom Crowe (684), Kevin Rosales (664), Aaron Whitehead (663), Shawn Miller (662), Randy Vivero (659), Kyle Stasny (658), Joe Blount (255-655), Chris Kurtz (249-654), Jimmy Flores (652), Mark Svatek (651), Jammar Bryant (275), Sterling Kocian (265), John Figueroa (257), Rick Kalmus (256), Dandy Richards (255) and Mark McDonald (254).

Samantha Wharton had the highest total for the women with a very nice set rolled during Sundowner League action.

Wharton posted three consistent games - with a high of 209 - contributing towards a 614 set.

Carri Lee was second for the ladies with a 594 series.

Senior bowler Carol Goode bowled a very nice 569 total.

Other nice scores for the ladies were Janet Sims (577), Debbie Gillespie (235) and Olivia Jackson (231).

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Raymond Norman 724 (Sugar & Spice) and Carol Goode 708 (Captain's League).

Entry forms are still available for the Century Lanes "New Year's Eve No-Tap" Tournament.

Entry fee is $60.00 per couple and includes prize fund, banquet dinner and champagne at midnight. The tournament is limited to the first 64 paid entries, so contact the Century Lanes at 361-576-1166 or Trent Blake.

Pro Notes

Starting Dec. 1 at noon, ESPN will start broadcasting the first of a 17 week PBA bowling schedule.

The first four weeks will consist of the World Series of Bowling, animal-named pattern bowling championships.

On Dec. 1, the PBA Cheetah Championship, which is dressed with a 35-foot oil pattern, will be contested.

As I mentioned last week, a special blue dye will be added to the oil so that the oil movement can be seen as the bowling balls move the oil around.

This first tournament should have sentimental significance since two Texas bowlers will be among the final four step-ladder finalist.

Wes Malott, former PBA player of the year from Pflugerville, is seeded third and will bowl against fouth-seed Clara Guerrero from Austin.

Local bowlers may remember Clara from her appearance in a Victoria Latin Bowlers Club Tournament several years ago. This was before Clara joined the professional bowling tour.

The winner of the two Texas bowlers will face second seed Pete Weber. The top seed is Parker Bohn III, who bowled two 300 games during match play to gain the top spot.

FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: G. Hatter Jr. 245-688; A. Whitehead 236-663; E. Smith 234-643; C. Bigham 226-587; J. Cass 579; M. Osterson 564; L. Crane 552; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: B. Long 499; H. Gibbs 496; Men: E. Stevens Jr. 299-673; A. Garcia 219-629; S. Gritta 212-595; J. Figueroa 551; M. Almendarez 537; A. Hempel 518;MONDAY MIXED 1ST COBRA KAI Women: R. Martinez 551; D. Stroud 521; D. Bues 515; Men: B. Hartman 617; R. Martinez 234-599; J. Cooper 597; J. Walden 590; J. Holbert 234-575; B. Redding 227-572; J. Brock 241-565; E. Gonzales 565; J. Talbott 555; D. Dye 552; G. Berger 233; RED RIVER 1ST STROUD'S VENDING Men: M. Stacy 279-734; J. Matson 237-692; T. Crowe 247-684; K. Rosales 234-664; R. Vivero 238-659; J. Blount 255-655; J. Figueroa 257-641; A. Garcia 225-626; B. Marques 621; D. Richards 255-615; T. Bennett 228-614; S. Zeplin 614; T. Pfuhl 607; J. Tweedle 602; T.J. Mooney 597; V. Thomas 592; K. Schupbach 225-589; D. Matthews 585; H. Tesch 585; A. Flores 585; L. Stroud 233-582; J. Wittenburg 570; M. Wortham 570; M. Michalec 559; M. Pahmiyer 556; R. Kalmus 236-556; J. Cavazos 554; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: C. Lee 594; R. Martinez 571; C. Speer 215-549; S. Guinn 221-545; O. Jackson 231-535; J. Reyna 515; Men: C. Kurtz 249-654; M. Svatek 246-651; R. Norman 233-644; R. Gonzales 244-639; S. Kocian 265-633; K. Schupbach 233-629; B. Mowles 235-624; S. Zeplin 612; T.J. Mooney 608; M. Stacy 225-602; D. Flores 245-600; D. Matthews 592; M. Michalec 587; P. Smith 581; L. Hall 580; K. Stacy 579; M. Hernandez 237-576; L. Stroud 574; J. Wittenburg 571; S. Gritta 562; R. Vivero 236-559; H. Johnson 558; T. Bennett 552; T. Balke 551; M. Osterson 226; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: C. Goode 203-569; J. Bailey 225-545; J. Brown 504; DOW MIXED 1ST j. Rhymer 584; B. Banda 578; J. Cavazos 576; A. Amejorado 558; SUNDOWNERS 1ST GAME OVER Women: S. Wharton 209-614; J. Sims 577; M. Matula 225-552; M. Bonuz 548; D. Gillespie 235-547; S. Guinn 543; T. Garcia 222-538; N. Schmidt 530; J. McNary 521; :. Mergele 208; Men: S. Miller 233-662; K. Stasny 245-658; B. Hammack 225-644; R. Kalmus 256-642; J. Silgero 641; D. Marques 622; S. Dickinson 615; L. Boyd 238-613; D. Knowlan 231-611; W. Jackson 610; S. Gritta 226-609; J. Holbert 245-606; A. Flores 603; M. McDonald 254-602; B. Korczynski 592; C. Hoff 592; J. Cass 592; D. Mergele 237-591; C. Bigham 591; T.J. Mooney 244-591; T. Bennett 230-588; V. Thomas 234-583; G. Mason 581; R. Rendon 575; J. Bryant 275-573; A. Hempel 560; M. Matnieu 552; T. Tanner 552; G. Hatter Jr. 551; J. Hernandez Jr. 233; FRIDAY TRIO 1ST NV-US Women: G. Blake 534; Men: J. Flores 652; G. Hatter Jr. 233-646; C. Bigham 591; H. Tesch 557; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 2 Women: M. Ballard 408; L. Blakeney 145; Men: B. Innes 315; N. Tait 117.



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