Reader presents list of president's action

Nov. 25, 2013 at 5:25 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I sadly present my list of President Obama's accomplishments. The president and his political party have controlled the government since 2008. They bear the responsibility and deserve the credit.

1. The national debt has increased by about $6 trillion.

2. Detroit is bankrupt.

3. Obama's class warfare rhetoric divides the nation.

4. African-Americans in some cities are killing each other at alarming rates.

5. Health insurance, Medicare and drug premiums have risen for the middle class.

6. "Obamacare" is forcing people to buy health insurance benefits they do not need or want.

7. The "Obamacare" website is an expensive disaster.

8. Company-paid health benefits for employees are now at risk due to "Obamacare."

9. The Middle East is a mess.

10. Violence is rising in Iraq.

11. The Taliban are resurgent in Afghanistan.

12. Egypt is in turmoil.

13. Four members of our State department are dead at the hands of Islamists.

14. Security methods used to prevent terrorist attacks are now public information.

15. The IRS has harassed and punished citizens who disagree with Obama.

16. The economic recovery is the slowest in history.

17. Full-time jobs are not growing fast enough to support middle class workers.

18. Most new jobs are part-time.

19. College graduates cannot find work.

20. Millions cannot find a job and must use food stamps.

21. Federal monetary policy prevents decent interest earnings by the elderly.

22. Obama has canceled White House tours for citizens.

23. Obama, speaking as president, has lied to get what he wants.

W. E. White, Victoria



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