Alva bowls weekly high series in Red River League

Nov. 27, 2013 at 5:27 a.m.

Pedro Alva made his presence known during Red River League action to earn the weekly high scoring honors.

Alva had a great line to the pocket to bowl great games of 257, 246 and 224 to roll 727 for the night. He did not have an open frame in the three games.

Alva returned to the Red River League after having missed the last two years because he moved to San Antonio.

Mike Stacy posted the second high series with a great 278 high game contributing toward a 708 total.

Stacy started the second game with a split open and then had a string of 11 strikes in a row for his big game.

Other scores of note for the men were T.J. Mooney (269-696/669), Steve Dickinson (258-697), Mike Osterson (266-694), Rocky Estrada (674), Mark Svatek (673), Steve Zeplin (672), Dave Matthews (669), Gary Hatter Jr. (664), Michael Rodriguez (255-663), Kevin Stacy (661), Robert Ellis (253-650), John Oswalt (256) and David Flores (248).

Carri Lee rolled the women's high series with a nice 236 high game contributing toward a 591 total. She bowled her score in Sugar & Spice League action.

Trudy Wortham, with a 214-584, and Joanna McNary, with a 583, were the next high bowlers for the women.

Bowling nice individual games were Debbie Gillespie (246), Samantha Wharton (234) and Christine Speer (233).

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Eddie Stevens Jr. (775) and Helen Gibbs (685), both from the Over The Hill League.

Congratulations to Michael Rodriguez for breaking the bank at the Century Lanes this past week.

Spots are still available for the Century Lanes' "New Year's Eve No-Tap" Tournament. Entry fee is $60 per couple, which includes the prize fund, banquet dinner and champagne at midnight. Contact Trent Blake or the Century Lanes at 361-576-1166.

With Thanksgiving Day falling this Thursday, I want to wish everyone a great holiday.

It also brings to mind that bowling three strikes in a row is called a turkey. The name evolved because in the early days of bowling, merchants would give a turkey to a bowler who rolled three strikes in a row as a promotion.

I am sure there are still a lot of old timers who also remember when Dick's Food Store would donate a beer frame when all five bowlers on the team would strike in the fifth frame.

I want to wish Felix Rivera a speedy recovery from major surgery he went through last Friday in Houston.

I talked with him Tuesday, and he is doing very well in his recovery and was scheduled to return to Victoria on Wednesday, a nice day of Thanksgiving.

The many prayers on his behalf are appreciated.

Rivera has been bowling locally for 50 consecutive years and is the longest tenured bowler in the Red River League. We have been teammates in many tournaments and leagues throughout the years.

Pro Notes

The PBA Tour will have its first broadcast of the season Sunday at noon on ESPN.

The first scheduled World Series of Bowling Tournament will be the PBA Cheetah Championship with the four stepladder finalists being Clara Guerrero, Wes Malott, Pete Weber and Parker Bohn III as the top seed.

WILD TURKEY 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: T. Wortham 557; Men: J. Weber 548; R. Cooper 548; FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Men: G. Hatter Jr. 232-664; A. Whitehead 630; J. Silgero 244-617; M. Osterson 593; C. Bigham 245-574; T. Campbell 226-567; J. Cass 558; E. Smith 553; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: C. Goode 212-524; Men: S. Gritta 232-609; A. Garcia 213-574; D. Persilver 563; A. Hempel 229-561; J. Simmons 559; R. Nickel 547; M. Smith 524; N. Watkins 500; RED RIVER 1ST ALTERNATOR/STARTER Men: P. Alva 257-727; M. Stacy 278-708; T.J. Mooney 269-696; D. Flores 232-638; M. Osterson 227-631; R. Kalmus 232-628; D. Matthews 617; A. Garcia 613; M. Wortham 596; C. Kurtz 595; J. Matson 595; T. Williams 587; K. Schupbach 585; L. Caballero 585; J. Guerra 585; R. Vivero 580; T. Bennett 579; J. Cavazos 576; J. Molina 560; C. Hoff 559; W. Lorance 558; J. Blount 557; J. Silgero 557; M. Michalec 556; H. Ramierez 554; MONDAY MIXED 1ST COBRA KAI Women: D. Stroud 210-562; R. Martinez 518; Men: B. Hartman 238-627; J. Walden 607; M. Flores 594; B. Redding 244-587; M. Redding 570; T. Wash 558; J. Talbott 549; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST AIN'T WORTH A SPLIT Women: C. Lee 236-591; T. Wortham 214-584; S. Guinn 552; O. Jackson 552; R. Martinez 543; D. Stroud 214-543; C. Speer 233-534; Men: M. Osterson 266-694; R. Estrada 242-674; M. Svatek 234-673; S. Zeplin 230-672; T.J. Mooney 246-669; D. Matthews 234-669; M. Rodriguez 255-663; K. Stacy 232-661; M. Stacy 226-642; B. Hyden 245-642; B. Mowles 626; L. Stroud 625; T. Crowe 618; J. Wittenburg 612; S. Dickinson 611; R. Nickel 610; C. Aiken 225-609; J. Oswalt 256-607; S. Kocian 606; R. Fisseler 581; B. Pontillo 227-576; D. Flores 248-574; R. Gonzales 572; R. Norman 570; R. Mason 562; R. Marek 556; C. Kurtz 554; M. Mathieu 53; M. Wortham 551; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: J. Brown 494; L. Burrows 484; C. Goode 202; DOW MIXED 1ST Men: K. Rosales 247-586; L. Fuhrman 570; J. Cavazos 548; SUNDOWNERS 1ST GAME OVER Women: J. McNary 583; D. Gillespie 246-566; L. Heil 565; J. Sims 541; S. Wharton 234-537; D. Gabrysch 533; C. Danesi 530; I. Caballero 521; S. Dickinson 258-697; R. Ellis 253-650; T. Bennett 635; M. McDonald 232-634; M. Unger 246-632; B. Hammack 242-622; G. Hatter Jr. 612; C. Hammack 604; T.J. Mooney 599; V. Thomas 233-592; A. Flores 591; M. Flores 583; S. Miller 583; D. Reissig 232-568; D. Dye 226-567; J. Silgero 567; J. Holbert 565; M. Michalec 563; D. Mergele 562; J. Oswalt 560; J. Glass 557; G. Pitts 556; J. Godina 552; M. Koehne 550; M. Osterson 236; FRIDAY NITE TRIO 1ST NV-US Women: D. Cantu 503; Men: K. blake 224-629; M. Cantu 566; J. flores 561;PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 2 Women: M. Ballard 162-439; Men: B. Innes 138-341.



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