Your Healthy Community: Thanks to you

By Katie Sciba
Nov. 29, 2013 at 5:29 a.m.

In the spirit of the season, I want to express my gratitude to the top four resources that have helped me with our patients.

One of the top resources is their family members. Navigating the complexity of care giving as a family member is not easy. They not only do the hands-on work of personal care giving, but they also handle finances and long-term care planning for their loved one.

It is an exhausting job, but it can be rewarding for the caregiver. If you are a family member who is a caregiver - thank you. You are making a difference.

Another of my top resources is the state agencies. I know we all have our complaints about governmental agencies, but today I am saying thank you.

Thank you to the folks at the Department of Aging and Disability and the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. These two agencies work to help the vulnerable people in our community.

It is difficult work, and I appreciate the way they have helped our patients through referrals to direct services like caregiver provider services, home-delivered meals and help for visually impaired people.

I am also very grateful for the many nonprofit agencies in this community. These organizations focus their time and efforts to help people in need. I would like to thank to a few of them.

Community Action Committee is a nonprofit organization that helps with utility bills, medication costs and weatherization of homes.

They have many applications and limited funding, and I am thankful for the help they provide our community.

The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent also works hard to provide help with nutrition for our community members.

They are great at involving volunteers to help with hands-on work.

The Victoria Senior Citizens Centers are a great resource for our older community members. Recreation, exercise, meals and support are just some of the ways they help.

Also on the list are the physicians in our community. Our physicians work hard to try to keep us healthy. This past year has held a lot of uncertainty and change for physicians, and I appreciate those who remain committed to providing good patient care.

Dr. Kishan Chand is a doctor I would like to say thank you to. I have seen him in action with patients, and I am thankful to have a physician in our community who will take time to be caring and thorough with people.

Dr. Khiem Vu is another physician I would like to thank. I witnessed him help one of our patients in a difficult situation with a professional conscientiousness and personal care that was crucial in that moment.

I could not do my job without the coordination of care from physicians, and I appreciate all of the physicians who value the little difference that I can make with patients.

Katie Sciba is a writer, a licensed social worker, a pastor's wife and a mother from Victoria. She works for AARN Health Services and blogs online at Always Simply Begin.



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