UHV finishes with draw Saturday

Keldy  Ortiz

Oct. 5, 2013 at 5:05 a.m.

The one-week layoff didn't affect Henrik Hundesrueggae's ability to move around Saturday for UHV.

The freshman goalkeeper made quick work of his feet against Houston St. Thomas (6-2-1). He finished, with five saves overall in the Jaguars scoreless draw against the Celts.

"I just tried to wake up my team and get into the mindset they are on their game and don't give the opponent opportunities," the German native said. "We had to bring 110 percent throughout the game. Everybody had to give as much as they could."

The Jaguars (8-3-1) lucked out after a Celts player missed a goal in the first overtime period.

Jaguars coach Adrian Rigby wasn't surprised how aggressive the Celts were. He wanted his team to be prepared for any and all opportunities to make plays defensively.

"Our backs did a good job," Rigby said. "We handled the pressure by getting on the ball a little more. We didn't have it in that final third, which is why we didn't score today."

The Jaguars had nine shots on goal, six of which came in the first half.

The extra 20 minutes of overtime didn't work in the Jaguars' favor as they had just one shot on goal in both periods.

"We tried to keep it as tight as possible," junior Rajan Ghag said.

Rigby knew about the Celts' aggressiveness on the ball, which was why he didn't question Hundesrueggae's almost allowed goal in the overtime session.

"You hope he trusts his instinct," Rigby said. "Obviously, he had the right play. It took a bad bounce on our field. That should have been game over and they should have been celebrating."

But the goal didn't come through for the Celts and the Jaguars continued to play.

"He handled the pressure really well," Ghag said about Hundesrueggae. "As long as we have a clean sheet, he's done the best job he can."

Though the Jaguars didn't come away with the win, Saturday was another lesson learned.

"We have to stick together as a team, and in those games when it's really close," Hundesrueggae said. "We have to work as a team and not as individuals. We play as a team and win as a team."



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