Life At Its Best: Build your life on firm foundation

By Jim Graff
Oct. 11, 2013 at 5:11 a.m.

Jim Graff

Jim Graff

The foundation is the most important aspect of any building. When not properly laid, it causes whatever is on top of it to crumble. But when firmly established, it can support its structure through every season.

In Matthew 7, Jesus tells a parable contrasting the building processes of two houses. The first house was built on sand. Its infrastructure was soft and unsteady. The second house was built on rock. This base was constructed with great care and diligence and was built to last through all kinds of conditions.

One day, a massive storm came and beat against the two houses. The house on the sand wavered and crumbled to the ground, but the second house remained unmoved. Even in the worst of the storm, it wasn't shaken.

Notice that the outcomes of the homes weren't based on the conditions they faced because both encountered fierce rain and violent winds. The difference in the results came about because of the substance each house was built upon. It was their foundation, not the storm, that determined whether they tumbled or triumphed.

Jesus used this story to draw a picture of how we should build our homes and families. The fact is its own storms. For some, it may be a challenge regarding our marriage or kids. For others, it may be a financial struggle that seems as if it'll never disappear.

Whatever the situation, we must remember that our outcomes are determined not by the size of our storms but by the strength of our foundation. Then, we must be intentional about laying right foundational principles in our homes.

That's not always easy, but thankfully, God has given us His word as a guide. In it, we find the principles necessary to establish strong foundations.

One of those principles is to consistently evaluate the spirit of our home. There's no perfect family, but God's desire for our homes is not to establish a spirit of perfection that no one can live up to.

Instead, He wants us to make our homes places where people are celebrated for who they are while being challenged to fulfill their potential.

To do that, we must be willing to admit our own flaws, as we love others through theirs, establishing a culture where people are loved and encouraged despite their imperfections.

Then, we must build a family equipped in God's word. During every season, know the foundation you stand on. Study and teach your kids God's promises. Encourage each other in the hope of His word. When you do, you'll begin building an unshakable foundation that will withstand any storm.

What is your family standing on? I encourage you to establish a spirit of love and support in your home. Equip yourselves in God's word and believe His promises. Start building better foundations today. They will lead your family into brighter futures.

Jim Graff is the Senior Pastor of Faith Family Church in Victoria.



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