Victoria eases drought restrictions

Melissa Crowe By Melissa Crowe

Oct. 14, 2013 at 5:14 a.m.

Victoria returned to Stage 1 of its drought plan Monday.

The rain received since Oct. 1 helped increase the water flow in the Guadalupe River.

So far this month, the city has received 2.65 inches of rain, said National Weather Service meteorologist Alina Niezes.

Under Stage 1, residents are asked to voluntarily conserve water whenever possible, such as when watering the lawn and avoiding watering concrete.

Because the Guadalupe River's flow remained consistently above 150 cubic feet per second since Oct. 1, the city was able to further ease restrictions.

From October to February, the city's permit to pump water from the Guadalupe River allows pumping when the flow is above 150 cubic feet per second.

The city initiated Stage 2 on July 2 when the flow in the Guadalupe River fell below 300 cubic feet per second.

"We're expecting a cold front to move into the area by Wednesday, so we're expecting some more rain," Niezes said.

Since Sept. 1, the city has received 7.6 inches of rain.

Stage 1 of the emergency drought plan will remain effective until normal flow patterns return to the river.

For a more comprehensive list of water conservation practices, citizens are encouraged to visit the city's website at



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