Singer Rick Trevino talks about his career, Western Days performance

Bianca Montes By Bianca Montes

Oct. 17, 2013 at 5:17 a.m.



Goodbye, Ziegfest. Western Days is returning to its toe tappin' street festival this weekend, bringing in a top-shelf selection of Texan troubadours.

The four-day event kicked off Thursday evening with the opening of the carnival and cantina in downtown Yorktown. Beginning Friday, musicians will take the stage to rile the audience onto the dance floor.

Performances will include Tejano rockers Los Mismos and country crossover performer Rick Trevino.

Trevino will close out the festival Sunday night with a catalog of music spanning more than two decades and a taste of his upcoming album, "No Borders," that just may leave a few people talking.

Your new album touches on topics ranging from immigration to poverty. What inspired this new body of work?

Right now, we're at a time where conversation is good. I think if you can't have a conversation about immigration, gun control, poverty, then something is wrong. You should always be able to have a conversation about it. This shutdown we're having is what happens when there is no conversation, and I'm really excited to talk about those topics. As an artist, if my music evokes conversation, then I'm doing my job.

"No Borders" is the theme of the album, but is there a song that's associated with the title?

Yes. The song is about a Mexican who wants to cross over (to America). He thinks this is my homeland that was once my ancestors, and now it's illegal for me to go over there.

Are you going to play the song this weekend?

I'm not sure. We haven't started playing that one live yet.

So, what song might we expect to hear?

"Long Coyote Gone," a song we've started performing, is from the perspective of a man saying goodbye to his wife before the coyote takes him across the border to work and send money home. He doesn't know if he is gonna make it, but he has no choice.

That's pretty deep. Was it hard to go there?

This is new for me. On my last record, I was kind of on the verge of writing these songs and wrote a song about a cousin who died in the Vietnam War. I really enjoy writing what's on my heart, things I am thinking about and things I am contemplating. I am really excited to see what kind of conversation comes out of it.



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