Column shows poor opinion of Hispanics

Oct. 21, 2013 at 5:21 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

With regard to the recent article, "Why Republicans' Hispanic outreach efforts will fail" by Jason Stanford: The above referenced article by Mr. Stanford puts into words the contempt and insulting low opinion that Democrats have of our Tejano Americans.

Texan Americans have a proud heritage in this state. Generations of Tejanos have worked, fought and died beside all races to defend and build this great state. To infer and state that they are the same as uneducated illegals who are unable to provide birth certificates or driver's licenses is beyond the pale. They appreciate the rule of law and pay taxes, which are too high, and I have never heard my co-workers or neighbors say they are for open borders.

Mexican-Americans are like all Texans; they are professionals, business owners, tradesmen, students, teachers, neighbors and proud of their heritage. We all - Czechs, Germans, Mexicans - are proud of our culture. Just like the Germans and Czech Texans, the Tejanos have a love of family and community, want smaller government, lower taxes, less regulations, are religious, and they abide by their faith - which prohibits abortion and homosexuality. That would make them align with the Republican platform, not the Democratic platform.

Brenda Cash, Republican, Shiner



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