Humans, not aliens, hurt, took family's sheep

Oct. 23, 2013 at 5:23 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Extraterrestrial aliens were not the perpetrators of the thefts and mutilations of 21 barbado sheep outside Port Lavaca. No one reported UFO sightings or observed evidence of UFO landings during any of the six incidents. A large, brightly illuminated spacecraft would have to be docked or hovering nearby during numerous thefts and mutilations. Even though the four different kinds of animals were like pets in the fenced area, they would certainly have panicked at the sight of a spacecraft and space creatures. It would take aliens too much time to corral, select and vacate 16 sheep from the ten acres, plus perform various mutilations of five other sheep without being seen. To avoid being observed, aliens would have to exit and enter a hovering unit spacecraft using night vision optics to rustle the sheep, which is very unlikely. Human felons could pull off the thefts and mutilations without being seen, but not aliens.

Aliens need not be suspected if no disruptions or evidence was at the theft and mutilation sites. Experienced human thieves have the ability to cover up. Animal trappers can clean a trap site in a short time so it looks like no one had ever been there.

Reproductive organs removed (one left behind) from a few female carcasses was a feeble attempt by human crooks to divert suspicion to aliens. Aliens wouldn't benefit by leaving behind brutally castrated, dying rams and carcass entrails of mutilated females.

The storytelling Mutual UFO Network guy who volunteered to assist the sheriff in the investigation was no help at all with his comments that mutilations are unsolvable. He told a story he heard or read that some aliens are here to cause havoc but are being pushed back? And at least five other species of aliens are protecting our galaxy. Mutilating, havoc-causing aliens would have to pass back and forth past many galaxy-protecting aliens numerous times. They would have to escape detection by outer space aliens, and also by humans.

There's too much conjecture that extraterrestrials caused the crimes. Mutilations and thefts were done by human criminals.

Edward L. Flickinger, Victoria



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