Senator's absence was not negative thing

Oct. 24, 2013 at 5:24 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I'm responding to the front page article published Oct. 13 with the headline "Senator Cruz a no-show."

Though not a member, my husband and I attended this Patriots' Dinner hosted by The Republican Women of Yoakum for the first time. We looked forward to hearing Sen. Ted Cruz speak.

We are proud of Sen. Cruz's stance on our behalf, including his 21-hour talk in the Senate. He succeeded in rekindling a fire that was dwindling in the hearts of many conservatives across our great state because of the lack of backbone reflected by many Republican politicians in Washington. When the announcement was made that Sen. Cruz would not be able to attend, we heard no sighs or complaints, and we saw no disparaging faces.

It was not reported that Sen. Cruz arranged for Attorney General Greg Abbott to speak in his place and that General Abbott was well received.

The report however, did include a statement about the negative protesters across the street.

It was not reported that Lela Pittenger, who ran against Sen. Cruz and is now a member of his staff, also spoke Saturday night. She read letters from both Sen. Cruz and Rep. Blake Farenthold expressing their regret and explaining that they were compelled to remain in Washington in the event of a vote.

Rather than belittling Sen. Cruz as "a no-show," the reporter might have listened to the "chatter of those exiting the Yoakum Community Center." Most seemed glad that our senator and representative were in Washington doing the job we elected them to do.

The Republican Women of Yoakum deserve our praise and gratitude for an enjoyable evening even though unforeseen complications were presenting themselves up to the final day.

Sen. Cruz has been listening to his constituents, and he is standing strong although he is being unjustly ostracized by many of his fellow Congressmen and women.

Please join us in praying for Sen. Cruz and his family.

Evelyn Pettit, Hallettsville



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