Years ago for Sunday, Oct 27, 2013

Oct. 24, 2013 at 5:24 a.m.


Oct. 28 - The state attorney general's department having approved of the bonds, the construction of Inez's new school house will be started in a few days. It will cost $1,500. Bloomington, Placedo and Lake Placedo are also to have new school houses. The one at Bloomington will cost $8,000, and those at Placedo and Lake Placedo $7,000 each. Bonds were voted for the erection of all these school houses.

Nov. 1 - C.A. Thetford and family of Houston are in the city on a visit. This is the first time they have been here in 13 years, and they are much surprised at the growth of the town. Mr. Thetford was formerly engaged in agricultural pursuits in this county. He is now employed as conductor by the Houston Street Car Company.


Oct. 29 - A total of 8,643 bales of cotton had been ginned in Victoria County up to, but not including, October 18, L.L.B. Hofer, government statistician, announced. Up to the same period last year, 15,983 bales of the 1937 crop had been ginned.

Nov. 2 - The Athletic Council announced that a special train will be chartered to take students and other fans to the Yorktown-Victoria football game in Yorktown. The fare will be 90 cents for the round trip. The train has been chartered in order to lessen the danger of accidents on the highway to students and townspeople alike. The game will be for the championship of the East Zone of District 44-B.


Oct. 27 - Leo Anger, chairman of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce fire safety committee, recently presented awards to sixth grade essay winners Ann Ballard, first, a $25 bond; and Rawley Brown and Mary Helen Rakowitz, who tied for second, $7.50 each.

Oct. 30 - Thirteen Victoria High School students will enter the Bellaire Houston High School Forensic Tournament which will be held Friday and Saturday. The tournament is the largest high school event of its kind in the nation. Some 1,400 contestants representing 61 high schools and 10 colleges from five states will compete. Entering from Victoria will be Danny Kamin, Martha Rouse, Carol Ann Basso, Bob Houston, Margery Engle, Gail Gerrard, Marti Albrecht, Glen Gisler, Elisabeth Jacques, Kathleen Baker, Sylvia Sager, Mary Lee Person and Nancy Knight.

Oct. 31 - Six new directors have been elected by members of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce to three-year terms. The 225 ballots cast placed Dr. Charles Borchers, Jack Bright, R.H. (Dick) Cory, C.A. Dickerson Jr., Louis Gasche and Otto Schuenemann on the 18-member board. The new directors will join one-year directors including Henry Hauschild Jr., Bill Klotz, R.R. Martin, J.D. Moore, G.C. Pittman and Ray Langford, and two-year directors including Robet Barry, Richard Cullen, James Garrison, Dr. R.H. Hartman, Robert C. Martin and Bill Ruddock.


Oct. 27 - Victoria's newest cafeteria chef, Tom Cunningham, has a direct way of measuring customer satisfaction: "I look at what's in the garbage can more than what's on the tray."

Not that Cunningham expects to find a lot of his creations - chicken fajitas, pizza, steak, guacamole salad - on the reject-list of his young clientele, the 14,000 students in the Victoria school system.

"They are our customers," says Cunningham, who thinks children ought to like what they have to eat at school for breakfast and lunch.

That means tailoring menus to some of the youngsters' favorites. Chicken nuggets are the top choice locally, he says.

But Victoria children hate egg rolls, as Cunningham says he found out when he was scouting around in the cavernous food service warehouse, where boxes of egg rolls were store.

Just as he began to work egg rolls into the weekly menus, his staffers told him that the Oriental treat had flunked the customer test last year. There was no need to wait for the daily peering into garbage cans.

Cunningham says he judges that the local schools' menus are too high in fat content: "About 35 percent of the calories are in fat." The fat content ought to be 30 percent or less, says Cunningham. To help lower the count, a fat analyzer has been ordered this fall.

Oct. 28 - Any report of a final decision by Formosa Plastics Corp., on the location of a $3.2 billion petrochemical plant is premature until a final review is conducted by Formosa chairman Y.C. Wang, said acting plant manager of the Point Comfort Formosa facility Larry Peyton Thursday night.

Reports circulated Thursday in Victoria and Port Lavaca that the location of the plant would be disclosed Monday in Port Lavaca.

Having just completed talks with the governor of Louisiana that day, Peyton said Wang is expected to arrive in Texas as early as this weekend. He is expected to be in Calhoun County late next week.

At that point, said Peyton, Wang will be presented with "all the information to make a decision. There's a chance Wang will make the decision during his visit."

One source, asking not to be identified, said there was a 99 percent probability that the new plant will be located at Point Comfort, where Formosa presently operates a facility.

Actually, said Peyton, it is still a toss-up between Texas and Louisiana.



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