Columnist's criticism of Ted Cruz was wrong

Oct. 27, 2013 at 5:27 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

The Dave McNeely column in the Advocate on Oct. 20 raises some questions:

Is Sen. Ted Cruz the first senator to filibuster? It brings to mind the last session of the Texas Legislature. Oh yes, Dave, when you looked back in history, seems you overlooked Sen. Strom Thurmond. Sen. Cruz is just looking after the interests of some of the working poor who voted for him and keeping inflation (the big thief) in check.

If "Obamacare" is so good, why do most unions, special interest groups and Congress get special rates or passes altogether?

We know from history that Social Security is broke due to government IOUs. The working poor are taxed more just to support this Ponzi scheme for the short term. Social Security was screwed up by Congress. "Obamacare" involves way more people and more money, and with our Congress, you can bet on more being screwed up.

Sen. Cruz is trying to eventually get our government on a balanced budget, slowly bring down the debt and slowing down inflation.

Seems that the cost of living has increased tenfold since 1960. Compare the cost of necessities: bread, milk, gasoline, utilities, rent, homes and auto. Those costs rose mostly due to inflation.

Inflation steals from retirees as well as the poor worker. Sen. Cruz is trying to represent the retired and working poor.

No more new government programs!

Go Ted!

Allen N. Krejci, Shiner



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