Congress needs to support president's words

Sept. 3, 2013 at 4:03 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Our president painted a red line, daring Assad to cross, but Obama had enough red paint left to paint himself into a corner, and he kept painting. Unfortunately, it is a crowded corner because we are all in it together. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine exactly when the lid was removed from the paint can. Was it the 2008 blame-Bush campaign (Are these chemical weapons in Syria the ones Bush could not find in Iraq?) or the presidential tour bowing to Arab royalty? Maybe it was the exit from Iraq without a status of forces agreement, allowing Iraqi reinforcement of al-Qaida in Syria and Iran's reinforcement of Assad through Iraq. Was it our response to the Arab Spring or the spineless response in Benghazi? Promising logistical support to the rebels might have helped, but there was none. All that was a run up to painting the red line.

We threatened the bully not to use chemical weapons. He did. Then, Obama cocked the American fist to bloody the bully's nose but at the last minute ran to Congress (Mama) for permission. The schoolhouse crowd gathering to watch the fight is more than a little amused. What if Mama says no?

Will Obama come back outside to punch the bully anyway?

This is not an easy call for Congress. In the end, it must support the president. It is not just Obama who will lose face if Congress denies him authority but the United States of America. Remember, we are all in the corner. If Congress relents, let us pray our response will be effective and not lead to further casualties, not ours, not the Israelis, nor anyone else. If Congress does not approve, let's hope we were painted into a corner with an open window.

Jim Stokes, Victoria



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