Hall, Silgero shine in weekly bowling

Sept. 11, 2013 at 4:11 a.m.

Larry Hall and Jacob Silgero were bright beacons in last week's full slate of the new bowling season.

Hall started the Sugar and Spice League season like a comet, with great games of 268 and 277 before cooling down to finish with a 213 final game.

In the first two games, he rolled 19 out of a possible 24 strikes, to showcase his dominance.

The three games netted Hall an outstanding 758 series, which earned him the high series honors for the week.

Silgero, in only his third year of adult league bowling, was very impressive in three leagues that he bowled in.

In the Sugar & Spice League, he posted a 277 high game on his way to a 667 set.

The next night in Sundowner competition, he started the first game with a 220 game before settling in a zone to string 11 strikes before a wayward shot on the 12th ball netted him 6 pins to end with a 296 second game. After starting with a turkey in the third game, he lost his line and finished with a 180 game and a 696 series.

Bowling in the Red River league for the first time, he showed no jitters by rolling a very good 651 series, which was second to only Joey Matson's 700 set.

Last year, Silgero bowled a 298 game for his high career game, chances are that this year he will finally achieve perfection with a 300 game.

Other great bowling scores produced during the week were by David Matthews (245-703), Joey Matson (254-700), James Holbert (261-696), Tom Crowe (694), Glen Pitts (287-690), Steve Dickinson (255-674), Bobby Mowles (258-662), David Flores (662), T.J. Mooney (279-655), Mike Osterson 259-653), Ray Rendon (653), Don Padgett (649), Kevin Stacy (266), Martin Almendarez (258), Shawn Miller (258), Steve Zeplin (257), Abel Garcia (256) and Ben Mooney (253).

Sharon Guinn turned in the high score for the women while competing in the Sugar & Spice League.

Guinn rolled games of 209, 214, and 214 to produce a very nice 637 series.

Christine Speer rolled a 571 set for second high.

Best wishes and God speed for a full recovery to Joan Conaway, a long time bowler, who had hip replacement surgery recently. She is doing well and doing her rehab so that she can recover her strength.

The Red River League welcomed back Henry Ramirez, who had dropped out of bowling for several years. He is hoping to get his bowling touch back soon.

The Red River League started its 50th season with this week's competition matching the Dow League (formerly Carbide) for longevity in local sanctioned play.

The Campus Lanes, a six lane house in 1954, hosted the action with teams sponsored by Pearl Beer, Lone Store, Beer, Trunkline Gas, Central Express, Red Arrow Express and Texaco.

TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST FOXY LADIES Women: B. Long 509; SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST IT'S NOT MY FAULT Women: J. Walker 497; Men: J. Holbert 261-696; G. Hatter Jr. 227-596; C. Bigham 570; E. Smith 562; OVER THE HILL 1ST (tie) HAS BEENS and JUST FRIENDS Women: R. Roemer 479; Men: A. Garcia 211-609; A. Hempel 223-609; M. Almendarez 511; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (3 way tie) TEAM #6, SHAKE "n" BAKE, and OILFIELD TRASH Women: S. Calliham 497; D. Bues 202; Men: D. Padgett 231-649; M. Redding 620; H. Bellanger Jr. 611; BJ Rubio 606; B. Hartman 588; R. Martinez 582; B. Mooney 253-581; J. Holbert 570; J. Talbott 567; RED RIVER 1ST (3 way tie) ALTERNATOR/STARTER, RANDY'S RAIDERS, and WOODY'S USED CARS Men: J. Matson 254-700; J. Silgero 234-651; K. Schupbach 237-637; S. Zeplin 257-635; D. Richards 245-603; C. Kurtz 235-602; A. Garcia 256-595; M. Pahmiyer 594; R. Kalmus 593; D. Matthews 591; J. Tweedle 576; M. Stacy 574; W. Parker 567; C. Aiken 566; T. Bennett 565; R. Morris 230-562; J. Cavazos 554; L. Caballero 551; T. Rutherford 226; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (3 way tie) WANNA BE'S, STROUD'S VENDING, and THE HAMBONE Women: S. Guinn 214-637; C. Speer 571; D. Drake 560; J. Reyna 212-537; T. Wortham 220-530; Men: L. Hall 277-758; D. Matthews 245-703; T. Crowe 236-694; J. Silgero 277-667; B. Mowles 258-662; D. Flores 234-662; T.J. Mooney 279-655; S. Dickinson 240-641; J. Tweedle 248-641; M. Stacy 235-639; K. Stacy 266-631; C. Aiken 231-629; R. Vivero 233-624; K. Schupbach 244-620; S. Zeplin 594; M. Osterson 240-594; B. Jackson 589; M. Almendarez 258-587; T. Rutherford 226-584; W. Reyna 231-582; R. Norman 578; C. Kurtz 232-577; R. Fisseler 573; J. Wittenburg 566; T. Bennett 558; B. Pontillo 556; J. Parratt 553; H. Tesch 237-553; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST HIT & MISSES Women: N. Wallace 508; DOW MIXED 1ST A DRINKING TEAM Men: L. Fuhrman 537; SUNDOWNERS 1ST D.W.A.I. Women: S. Guinn 532; C. Guerra 527; C. Wilson 211-519; S. Simper 514; Men: J. Silgero 296-696; G. Pitts 287-690; S. Dickinson 255-674; M. Osterson 259-653; R. Rendon 242-653; G. Hatter Jr. 645; S. Miller 258-639; R. Kalmus 635; D.Knowlan 234-630; V. Thomas 630; A. Flores 625; B. Korczynski 623; S. Gritta 619; J. Cass 618; D. Reissig 230-606; J. Glass 234-606; T. Pfuhl 604; T.J. Mooney 234-600; C. Hoff 592; B. Hammack 590; R. Ellis 245-578; J. Blaylock 577; E. Gonzales 228-576; R. Marques 576; C. Martinka 574; D. Garcia 570; J. Bryant 567; W. Jackson 561; J. Holbert 557; T. Bennett 555; J. Blount 551; Jered Glass 235.



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