Oil waste disposal pits to threaten community

Sept. 11, 2013 at 4:11 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Who could imagine that in 2013 gas and oil waste disposal open pit sites would threaten the western part of DeWitt County? As some of you know, applications have been made to the Railroad Commission for more than 700 acres of open pits, one site nearly on top of Nordheim and the second site between Nordheim and Yorktown on the Smith Creek on Eckhardt Road. Who is looking forward to living with this?

Will these pits bring good things to Nordheim or Yorktown? Or will they prove toxic to towns? Thirty years is the expected life of such facilities. Is this the place to dump hazardous chemicals to potentially contaminate air quality and water for the next 30 years? Why would anyone build such nasty things next to families and waterways? Why would not a company go to a totally isolated area if their applications had prompted 158 written protests? Why would a company continue trying to remediate 38 to 40 different deficiencies on the first applications and reapply to the RRC? The answer has to be profit for a few and "too bad" for the rest of us.

Lyn Janssen, member of the organization Concerned About Pollution, Nordheim



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