Corrections and clarifications

Sept. 14, 2013 at 4:14 a.m.

•  The Antlers Inn loan contract originally supplied by the city of Goliad in July was unsigned. However, the city provided a signed Antlers Inn performance agreement, by both the city and the owners, Sept. 4. This information was not updated in a story on Page H4 on Sept. 8. The updated list of documents not signed by one or both parties in documents provided to the Advocate by Goliad are Goliad Funeral Home, Angels RV Park, Hanging Tree restaurant, Panache on the Square, Texas Star Investments and WL Laundry.

•  Richard Tinney started the application for a loan from the Goliad Municipal Development District in at least March 2009, while he was still a Goliad city councilman. His loan was approved in April, while Tinney was still on council, according to meeting minutes. Tinney abstained from voting on the contract. Roney Powell, who was a council member, voted against the loan.Tinney was not re-elected to council in May 2009. The loan agreement was brought back before council in June to amend the terms of the loan. The loan document with the city was signed in July 2009.Vicki Rubio was approved for her first loan by City Council in December 2008 and signed the document in December. She was approved for her second loan in July 2009 and signed the document in July. Lionel Garcia's loan for WL Laundry was approved and he signed the documents in October 2009. The timing of these loans was not clear in a Victoria Advocate graphic on Page A4 on Sept. 8.

• Goliad Funeral Home, owned by Vernon (Adrian) Fulton, produced three jobs since 2010, including current council member Buddy Zavesky's. Fulton currently employs two people, not including Zavesky. A quote inaccurately said how many people were employed by Fulton on Page A6 on Sept. 8.



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