Board to seek state classroom size waivers

Carolina Astrain By Carolina Astrain

Sept. 17, 2013 at 4:17 a.m.

The Victoria school district board of trustees will meet Thursday evening to discuss its application for classroom size waivers from the state.

The state requires public schools to keep their kindergarten through fourth-grade class sizes at a 22:1 student to teacher ratio.

If a district has classrooms exceeding that ratio, then the district is required to seek a waiver from the state.

As of last week, the school district had 65 classrooms at 14 campuses that exceeded the requirement.

Shields Elementary School and O'Connor Elementary School each have eight classrooms that are more than the state-mandated ratio - the highest across the district.

Last year, the district had 66 classrooms across 12 campuses that exceeded the requirement.

"We are making progress," said school board President Tami Keeling. "We're making sure we've got plenty of support in those areas where we've got to get a waiver."

The additional hiring of instructional coaches across the district will help alleviate the pressure on the classrooms in need of a waiver, said Keeling.

"We're adding additional layers of support," Keeling said.

In other business, administrators will present the board with an update on curriculum titled "Working on the Work."

"I cannot wait to hear it," Keeling said. "We've made the changes in curriculum; now, we're going to implement them."



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