Don't just listen to words; observe actions

Sept. 17, 2013 at 4:17 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Cliches many times have a counter cliche response. I remember my dad working on an old tube-type television and getting into a dangerous part of the electronics; I told him, "Curiosity killed the cat." His response was "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." So, let's examine some other seemingly contradicting cliches. "The pen is mightier than the sword," and "actions speak louder that words." They are similar, and they also can build upon each other. Pen and words are similar, the primary difference is that the words the pen writes are indelible, whereas words spoken can be changed when confronted. Both can manipulate thoughts and therefore actions. History proves that actions, by the sword or what are deemed peaceful means, start with spoken or written words. Therefore, the words written or spoken do cause wars and social progress or division, and then the actions do speak louder than the words.

If words are what influence actions, then shouldn't we examine the words we like to listen to and where they come from? Lenin and Hitler used words to incite and to encourage and to manipulate social response to gain power. Consider the rhetoric we hear from current leaders and even media. Do we hear the whole truth or just parts of the truth? What is the agenda of those speaking the words we listen to? Are there people or ideas or motivations behind the scenes? Do a person's words seem to be ambiguous or change depending upon the audience?

So consider all the rhetoric and words we are exposed to and what we should give the greatest influence. The best way to examine the motivation of words is the track record and results. No matter how sweet sounding something may be, if it takes away your or someone else's freedom, it is not good. The Constitution guarantees the freedom God wants all of us to enjoy. If the words you assimilate into your actions take from someone else, then you are partaking of something divisive. We can all get along if we start obeying the Constitution, which is based upon Biblical principles.

Tony Corte, Victoria



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