Hatter Jr. nearly throws perfect game

Sept. 18, 2013 at 4:18 a.m.

Gary Hatter Jr. came close to a perfect game during Thursday Night's Sundowner pin action.

After ending the first game with eight strikes for a 274 game, he started the second game with 11 strikes before leaving the 5-pin on the last ball for a 299 game.

Hatter Jr. had a string of 19 strikes in a row and a total of 29 out of a possible 36 strikes on his way to a final game of 234 and an 804 series.

He completed, what is called an Andy Varipapa 300 game, twelve strikes in a row over two consecutive games.

Varipapa was one of the first professional bowlers in the early 1950's and famous around the world for his bowling trick shots.

Gary will receive an award from USBC for his first career 800 series and an eleven strikes in a row award. Congratulations.

There were many bowling highlights this past week with five 700 sets bowled, two by Tom Crowe.

Mike Osterson posted the second high total with great games of 243, 256, and 227, which contributed towards 726 total in Sugar & Spice competition.

Crowe was stroking the ball great on his way to a 253 high game and 720 set in one league and exploiting the Red River League with a 264 game and 718 total.

Steve Zeplin joined his teammate, Crowe, in the Red River League with a very nice 268 high game and 716 series.

Mike Stacy posted the fifth 700 set with a 279 high game and 702 total.

Other great scores for the men were Steve Dickinson (692), B.J. Rubio (280-680), Jeff Cass (247-670), T.J. Mooney (666/268), Kenny Schupbach (661), Mark Svatek (655), Randy Vivero (653), James Holbert (649), Mike Wortham (649), Les Fuhrman (269), Russell Mason (255), and David Flores (249).

Christine Speer served notice that she is still a force to contend with by opening Sugar & Spice League with a tremendous 260 game on her way to a 634 series and the women's weekly high.

Joanna McNary posted the second high women's total with a 598 series.

Other good scores for the women were Bailey Koebrick 235-596, Olvia Jackson 580, Samantha Wharton 221-579, and Trudy Wortham 577.

This past Sunday the Corporate Cup teams competed in the bowling event with the winners being decided.

The top three spots in Div. I were won by PFS Road Warriors, followed by Invista Innovators in second place and Regency Raiders in third. Div. II saw Seadrift Coke finish first, First Victoria Greenbacks second and Victoria Advocate Advengers third. Div. III was won by Formosa and second place was Team DeTar with Alcoa Aluminators finishing third.

Congratulations to all the participants and judging by the amount of spirit noise, everyone had a good time.

The Summer Sunday Strikers ended its season last Sunday with the team, It's Not My Fault, winning the league championship. Team members were Tim Campbell, Timmy Campbell, Eric Smith, and Gary Hatter

Jr. Men: J. Cass 247-670; M. Osterson 576; J. Walker 242-573; J. Silgero 225-568; G. Hatter Jr. 563; E. Smith 562; J. Holbert 548; OVER THE HILL 1ST (3 way tie) ANOTHER ROUND, JUST FRIENDS, and WHY NOT'S. Women: B. Long 443; Men: A. Garcia 216-538; S. Gritta 514; A. Hempel 505; R. Estrada 228-504; MONDAY MIXED 1ST OILFIELD TRASH Women: J. Lane 546; D. bues 214-515; Men: B.J. Rubio 280-680; J. Holbert 245-649; G. Berger 235-646; D. Dye 234-624; B. Mooney 241-609; M. McLemore 606; M. Redding 596; M. Church 587; R. Martinez 578; B. Kitchens 576; M. Lane 573; J. Talbott 570; C. Youngblood 564; D. Ellis 551; M. Flores 228; RED RIVER 1ST (3 way tie) STROUD'S VENDING, WOODY'S USED CARS, and RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: T. Crowe 264-718; S. Zeplin 268-716; T.J. Mooney 245-666; M. Wortham 649; K. Schupbach 641; R. Vivero 248-640; M. Stacy 254-631; J. Matson 239-619; C. Kurtz 614; D. Flores 235-614; T. Rutherford 611; J. Tweedle 245-607; T. Bennett 605; D. Richards 588; D. Blohm 586; M. Pahmiyer 225-585; T. Pfuhl 577; R. Kalmus 577; J. Wittenburg 575; M. Michalec 571; J. Molina 566; L. Caballero 557; W. Parker 553; J. Guerra 550; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (4 way tie) WANNA BES, STROUD VENDING, HANG THIS, and THE HAMBONES Women: C. Speer 260-634; B. Koebrick 596; T. Wortham 209-577; O. Jackson 224-542; R. Wortham 529; D. Drake 529; Men: M. Osterson 256-726; T. Crowe 253-720; M. Stacy 279-702; K. Schupbach 235-661; M. Svatek 244-655; R. Vivero 244-653; S. Dickinson 227-645; T.J. Mooney 268-639; T. Rutherford 632; B. Hyden 229-627; D. Flores 249-615; J. Cano 615; J. Tweedle 226-606; D. Matthews 604; R. Mason 255-600; B. Mowles 228-599; J. Martinez 594; S. Kocian 592; B. Hilbig 226-587; W. Reyna 586; R. Norman 580; J. Wittenburg 577; M. Rodriguez 577; H. Tesch 571; L. Hall 557; C. Martinka 227-556; T. Balke 554; J. Parratt 551; R. Fisseler 550; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST (2 way tie) AWHY and GIRLFRIENDS Women: J. Brown 513; D. Edison 483; DOW MIXED 1ST (2 way tie) GUTTER DUSTERS and A DRINKING TEAM Women: E. Fuhrman 554; Men: L. Fuhrman 269-631; J. Molina 236-573; W. Conaway 548; SUNDOWNERS 1ST D.W.A.I. Women: J. McNary 205-598; O. Jackson 580; S. Wharton 221-579; P. Robles 562; N. Schmidt 558; C. Guerra 210-542; M. Matula 540; D. Gillespie 536; S. Guinn 215-530; D. Gabrysch 528; Gary Hatter Jr. 299-804; S. Dickinson 237-692; R. Rendon 236-644; D. Reissig 228-635; J. Blaylock 245-625; V. Thomas 619; K. Stasny 233-618; S. Miller 225-614; S. Gritta 612; T.J. Mooney 602; E. Smith 595; G. Pitts 245-595; B. Korczynski 226-587; J. Cass 586; J. Silgero 583; C. Hoff 583; G. Mason 582; M. Osterson 580; T. Tanner 579; A. Hempel 573; C.Hammack 573; M. Unger 247-572; W. Jackson 231-571; D. Knowlan 570; T. Bennett 569; A. Flores 239-566; M. Michalec 555; R. Ellis 551; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 1 Women: M. Ballard 134-394; Men: K. Ballard 105-306



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