City Pulse: Victoria Public Library hosts another Late Night at the Library event

Bianca Montes By Bianca Montes

Sept. 18, 2013 at 4:18 a.m.

Those who don't enunciate.

The Kardashian brand.

Being ambiguous.

Unpainted nails.

And cold coffee.

A short, sweet list of things that make me want to punch someone in the face, especially those Kardashians.

I glanced at a trash magazine this week and saw the newest member of the Kardashian clan, little North West, was rumored to be the most spoiled baby ever - a diamond tiara and a $200,000 ruby pendant the headline screamed - and I thought, "Just shoot me already!"

Maybe I'll take my futile distaste for that cute little baby to the open mic night at the library this weekend - you with me?

The library is extending its hours from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday night to open its doors to a little creativity, said library communication services manager Jessica Erebia.

In March, the library held a similar event, and about 600 people came through the doors during the three-day after-hours event, Erebia said.

To kick things up a notch this time around, they are bringing in a performer and are hosting an open mic night with the theme "Things I want to Punch in the Face."

The theme, Erebia said, was picked up after finding out that blogger Jennifer Worick will speak at the Victoria College Lyceum series Oct. 3. Worick pens a blog about stuff that chaps her hide.

"If we continue to see people coming in and using our facility," Erebia said, an open mic night "is something we can see about doing periodically."

When I moved to Victoria a couple months ago, there were a few must-haves on my list for this new town: good coffee (thank you, Hastings), a funky church that beats to its own drum and an open mic night where I could indulge my artistic creativity. However, after a quick search on, I was pessimistic about my "getting out" - the bar scene is just a little beyond my interest level nowadays.

Needless to say, I twirled around like a freaking ballerina when I found out about Late Night at the Library. From being able to vent in a mic to listening to the soulful pipes of performing artist Rajolei Pickens, I'm like a little girl in a candy store.

Now, if I can just get someone to continue an event like this weekly, my life would be made - hint-hint Get Out editors.



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