Midday Mafia: The Don's pot roast

Sept. 18, 2013 at 4:18 a.m.

Editor's note: The Midday Mafia is made up of five locals who wish to remain anonymous at the moment. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and are as follows: The Don, Two Taps, Walnuts, Jack the Knife and Jimmy Three Cheese. The Midday Mafia will run every other Thursday in Get Out.

When The Don decides to cook for the judgmental palate of the Midday Mafia, he chooses carefully and with good reason. This is a tough group, and any error is multiplied exponentially.

For a casual meal at my house, I chose to slow cook a shoulder roast purchased at H-E-B for about $13.

I take a large Pyrex casserole dish and put about three quarters of an inch of water in the bottom. Then, I lay the roast in and top it with a little salt, pepper and one Lipton Onion Soup Mix packet spread evenly.

For an easy vegetable, I take a bag of baby carrots and surround the roast with them. They cook perfectly as the roast tenderizes and are a favorite of Double Taps, who is practically a vegetarian.

Place the roast in a oven at 350 degrees and let it cook for a little more than an hour. Drop the temperature to 275 degrees and "cook for effect." Usually, another two hours or so will yield a super tender and moist bit of beef perfection.

Peel, cut and boil some potatoes, and you have a complete meal with minimal effort. I use about 5 pounds with a stick of real butter, some milk and salt and pepper when Three Cheese and Walnuts are coming over. They cream really easy and make a great side dish.

Of course, Jack the Knife shows up with a burger from Jim's Big Burger and never complains about how we chow down. He is easy like that. Really.

This meal is a crowd favorite. Carrots and potatoes are very inexpensive, and the roast doesn't cost much when divided over the number it feeds. Roast and potatoes present like a treat, but it is super easy and economical.

Jack the Knife paid a lot more for his burger than this meal cost spread over the Midday Mafia, and we say, "Fuhget about it" until next time.

Know another area eatery for the Mafia to hit? Email them at middaymafia@gmail.com. Oh, and like them on Facebook, too, facebook.com/pages/Midday-Mafia.



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