Traffic Tip: Diesel trucks' excessive black smoke violates law

By David Brogger
Sept. 29, 2013 at 4:29 a.m.

Lately, I have noticed a lot of diesel trucks in town blowing excessive black smoke from the exhaust.

It appears as though the drivers are purposely causing a large cloud of black smoke to emit from the tailpipe by the manner of their hard acceleration.

Oftentimes, this smoke lingers for more than 10 seconds, making it a violation of the law.

After speaking to a couple of diesel mechanics, I have learned that some people are removing a portion of the emission system, which allows this excessive smoke.

People can report such violations to the Victoria Police Department at 361-573-3221 or to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality at 1-800-453-SMOG (7664). All you need to do is provide the license plate of the vehicle, the location of the event and the date and time of the occurrence. The call is free, and you may remain anonymous. For additional information in reference to smoking vehicles or other environmental quality concerns, visit TCEQ.

For more information on the law, go to the Texas Transportation Code 547.605.

The Victoria Police Department Traffic Safety Unit invites citizens to inform us of any traffic issues that you observe. The easiest way to do this is go to our website,, then go to the VPD Customer Service Request tab in the center of the page and follow the directions.

If you have a traffic law question, contact Senior Police Officer David Brogger, Victoria Police Department Traffic Safety Unit, at 361-485-3700.



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