Consistency on lanes leads to weekly high score

April 2, 2014 at 4 p.m.
Updated April 1, 2014 at 11:02 p.m.

Glenn Mason had the hot hand during Sundowner League play to grab the weekly high series honors.

Mason was very consistent, with only one miss in the series, to record games of 247, 233 and 255 for a 735 total. His only miss came in the second game.

Bobby Mowles was just as consistent in the Sugar & Spice League to post three error-free games of 246, 235 and 235 for a very nice 716 set.

Mark Svatek was the third bowler to break the 700 mark with a very nice 253 game contributing toward a 713.

Other scores of note for the men were Todd Pfuhl (265-696), Les Fuhrman (254-695), Steve Dickinson (259-685), Raymond Norman (258-684), Abel Garcia (255-680/277-654), Steve Zeplin (257-678), Jay Rhymer (674), T.J. Mooney (248-673), Tom Crowe (672), Danny Reissig (664), Chris Kurtz (256-659), Kenny Schupbach (658), Mike Stacy (649), Bill Jackson (267), John Cooper (266), Rusty Cooper (260), Victor Thomas (256), Dave Matthews (254) and Abraham Flores (247).

Christine Speer bowled an excellent middle game during Sugar & Spice competition that propelled her to the women's high series.

She posted games of 174, 253 and 201 for a very nice 628 series. It was the only 600 set for the women this week.

Sharon Guinn rolled a nice 230 high game, which contributed toward a 589 total.

Jessica Thomas, with a 224-587, and Ida Caballero, with a 574, were other nice scores.

Congratulations to Steve Dickinson for breaking the bank at Century Lanes last week.

Entry forms are available for the annual Victoria Senior Tournament. The tournament consists of teams and singles. The singles event will have two divisions: women and men.

All events will have two divisions and three age classes, Class A will be 70 and over, Class B 65-69, Class C 55-64.

Bowlers must be 55 years of age as of March 1. The four-person team roster must have at least one member of the opposite sex.

The deadline for entries is April 21.

Pro notes

The second semifinal PBA League match between the Philadelphia Hitmen and the Silver Lake Splitters will be broadcast at noon on ESPN.

Last Sunday's first semifinal match between LAX and last year's defending champion, New York City WTT Kingpins, had plenty of excitement.

LAX has International experience with Jason Belmonte (Australia), Andres Gomez (Columbia), Mika Koivuniemi (Finland) and T.J. Tackett and Parker Bohn III (USA). The NYC WTT Kingpins' roster members were Pete Weber, Scott Norton, John Szczerbinski, Jake Peters and Stuart Williams (England).

The format allows 1 point each for singles, doubles and trio competition and 3 points for the five-man team Baker system event.

Belmonte defeated Weber for the first time on television 234-208 to win the singles point. The LAX duo of Kioivunemi and Bohn III almost reached perfection with a 299 game to defeat Szczerbinski-Weber.

The lefthander Norton struck out in the 10th frame to win 249-235 for a much-needed point for NYC Kingpins in the trio match.

In a very close team match, Belmonte left and picked up the 3-10-4-7 split in the ninth frame to salvage the match by leaving Bohn III with needing only a mark in the 10th frame. Parker struck out for a 218-204 team win and a 5-1 point victory.

SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Women: J Reyna 480; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 223-635; E. Smith 234-609; C. Bigham 225-592; J. Silgero 574; A. Whitehead 557; J. Cass 554; M. Soliz 234-551; A. Walyuchow 545; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: G. Billo 492; Men: A. Garcia 277-654; M. Almendarez 222-614; J. Figueroa 216-590; S. Gritta 557; E. Lopez 221-545; M. Mathieu 543; A. Hempel 521; J. Schmidt 519; R. Nickel 514; D. Persilver 511; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY RAIDER'S Men: T. Pfuhl 265-696; A. Garcia 255-680; T.J. Mooney 248-673; D. Richards 240-659; K. Schupbach 246-658; J. Tweedle 244-647; P. Alva 238-636; D. Blohm 621; J. Figueroa 620; M. Pahmiyer 225-618; M. Michalec 618; T. Crowe 617; D. Matthews 254-616; A. Flores 247-613; R. Morris 232-605; M. Stacy 237-599; J. Matson 223-597; M. Osterson 597; T. Williams 232-572; R. Kalmus 231-563; C. Kurtz 558; MONDAY MIXED 1ST SHAKE "N" BAKE Women: 210-D. Stroud 551; C. Valenta 539; R. Martinez M. Hopkins 523; Men: J. Walden 235-621; D. Loya 226-605; J. Cooper 266-603; M. Zengerle 572; J. Hopkins 569; R. Vasquez 567; K. Hradek 558; D. Padgett 226-556; B. Redding 552; M. Redding 552; J. Talbott 551; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST LUCKY STRIKES omen: C. Speer 253-628; S. Guinn 230-589; J. Reyna 213-569; T. Wortham 213-536; C. Lee 536; R. Martinez 211-528; O. Jackson 527; L. Cooper 512; Men: B. Mowles 246-716; M. Svatek 253-713; R. Norman 258-684; S. Zeplin 257-678; T. Crowe 226-672; K. Stacy 232-667; C. Kurtz 256-659; M. Stacy 246-649; B. Jackson 267-646; T.J. Mooney 233-640; M. Michalec 231-622; R. Mason 246-621; R. Nickel 224-619; M. Osterson 248-618; R. Gonzales 613; M. Rodriguez 237-612; S. Dickinson 226-611; R. Vivero 224-609; J. Wittenburg 606; M. Hernandez 591; P. Smith 234-590; J. Cano 247-590; J. Silgero 582; M. Wortham 580; C. Aiken 576; H. Tesch 245-573; R. Marek 571; V. Thomas 256-569; A. Vega 559; S. Kocian 559; V. Ybarbo 558; B. Buzzell 557; M. Unger 551; L. Hall 224-550; J. Tweedle 550; D. Matthews 550; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: J. Voges 469; DOW MIXED 1ST BANDIDOS Women: E. Fuhrman 209-481; Men: L. Fuhrman 254-695; J. Rhymer 234-674; C. Doremus 227-611; B. Banda 222-546; W. Conaway 542; SUNDOWNERS 1ST LETHAL VENOM Women: J. Thomas 224-587; I. Caballero 208-574; S. Guinn 559; N. Schmidt 542; P. Robles 531; T. Mason 530; L. Heil 530; N. Mergele 204-529; M. bonus 519; C. Wilson 512; Men: G. Mason 255-735; S. Dickinson 259-685; D. Reissig 246-664; J. Rodriguez 243-638; R. Cooper 260-633; K. Stasny 235-629; M. Michalec 618; E. Smith 234-614; W. Jackson 225-613; T. Pfuhl 609; D. Mergle 608; J. Glass 224-606; B. Hammack 238-603; M. Aubrecht 602; A. Hempel 595; M. Flores 585; T.J. Mooney 581; S. Gritta 579; B. Korczynski 579; J. Silgero 574; J. Blount 573; M. Cantu 571; M. McDonald 570; E. Smith 567; J. Bryant 566; M. Koehne 565; R. Kalmus 560; R. Rendon 560; T. Bennett 558; D. Glass 554; C. Hoff 52; V. Thomas 232-548; PINBUSTERS TEAM #4 Women: A.Scjwan 140-376; Men: N. Tait 134; B. Innes 336



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